Let's Chat// Vol 2

FEELING// I am both exited and bummed that this is my last "do-nothing" weekend until after the wedding. Things are getting real real up in here!!! 

THINKING ABOUT// What an amazing time I had at Texas Style Council. All the amazingness is still marinating up in my brain (not to mention work has been cray to the z) so a recap post is on its way. Scouts honor. 

LISTENING TO// PODCASTS! Currently I am all about Breakfast for Dinner-- a super diverse and relevant topic show hosted by Texas Style Council Royalty Nicole and her BF. I' also super into Gilmore Guys--a show about guys watching Gilmore Girls. They are both da bomb. 

READING// The same test prep articles 1000x a day. My kids (students? I call them kids... weird?) are getting ready to take their BIG state test this week. I know they'll kill it. 

WATCHING// Its been a crazy week so the ol' Netflix machine has still be cranking out One Tree Hill in the background, but I am looking forward to starting the next Nextflix OG show Bloodline. Kyle Chandler can do no wrong in my eyes. Clear eyes full hearts, can't lose (<-- I'm always looking for a place to weave in FNL. Nailed it.) 

EATING// THIS!!! MAKE THIS!!! Chicken with MuhummaraIt is super easy AND tasty AND has a fancy name. All things I l look for in recipes. Aarti Sequeira made it on the Today show yesterday! DO IT! 

THANKFUL FOR// My job. Man I just love the kids I get to spend my day with. It was easy at TxSC to be really jealous of the women I met who have awesome creative jobs. I got back to school and looked out upon the 110 faces I see everyday and was really overwhelmed that I get to hang out and impact teenagers lives. It's pretty cool. 

LOVING// These sandals,  Fancy Ashley and the outfit pictures we took this week, This Buzzfeed article that made me bummed i cleaned out my closet in the 00's, and TAGSPIRE it is gonna be the new thing! 


I Wish I Was a Gilmore Girl


Where my Gillies at!? (<-- is that what the Princeton Review was talking about with bad grammar in pop songs?)

 When Arsenic and Lace came out with their spring line I knew that this shirt needed added to my closet immediately. I also knew that I needed to rock it at TxSC last weekend. I was right. Many a conversation started with a shared connection over Gilmore Girls (ahem Julie and Jen).

The reality is that I kinda am a Gilmore Girl...
Obsessive need for coffee... check.
Biting wit... check.
Love of pop culture.... check.
I own this sweatshirt and 100% agree with it's assertion... check!

That is all you need to be a Gilmore Girl. The other stuff isn't important. Although I would take a Luke if you are handing them out.

Check out the whole spring line at Arsenic and Lace (Gilmore Girls + other gems!)

I'll be the Lorilei to your Rory!

This tee was a generous gift from Meg at Arsenic and Lace, while it was a gift, the opinions of Gilmore Girls and all Gilmore Girls related apparel are my own! 


Rethinking the Business Card: Lavender Shortbread

I have never felt more professional than a year and a half ago when I cracked open my brand new box of business cards right before Texas Style Council in 2013. Like let's pop bottles, this girl is fancy.

After the conference, I used the remaining cards sparingly-- stuck a few in each bag I owned, used them in my make up routine (ya, know the normal stuff), but for the most part they stayed stuffed in a  drawer. In preparation for 2015 TxSC, I pulled out the remaining cards and found a little surprise... everyone else's card that had been given to me during the conference. Cool Meg, that was NOT what people wanted done with their cards... the least you could have done was go all Working Girl and use a rolodex or something.

Anyway the great business card find of 2015 got me thinking about the purpose of a business card, and how the 20 cards I had left weren't serving as the connection I wanted to make with people. So I remixed the idea of a traditional business card for TxSC 2015. I made cookies.

I each connection I made with someone to be met with a small act of service and a treat. After reading Shauna Niequist's post to "burn the candles". I wanted to give people the opportunity to enjoy something right there in the moment and these AMAZING Lavender Shortbread cookies fit the bill.

I packaged each cookie in a simple white paper bag with a kool-aid dip dyed card on the front, my social media handle scrawled on the front, and closed each card and bag with washi tape ('cause #pinterest).

I was so much cooler with cookies. I mean I am/was still super awkward, but I like actually approached people (especially ones I would normaly just admire from a far-- Jen, Caroline, Julie, Jess, Carli) and shared my treat with people and made a small connection. I'm not saying that I will go to all networking events with a tray of cookies (although I really am thinking it should be my thing), but I will say I think I found something that works for this introvert living an extraverted life. Also you should make these cookies for your self because they are really delish.
Original recipe from Mountain Mama Cooks via Buzz Feed

1/2 cup powdered sugar 
2 teaspoons dired lavender 
zest of 1 lemon 
1 cup of softened butter 
2 1/4 cup flour 
1/4 teaspoon salt 
course sugar to top

In a food processor or blender combine sugar, lavender and lemon zest. Add softened butter and sugar mixture to a mixing bowl and combine. Slowly add flour and salt until combined. The dough will be slightly crumbly. Using parchment paper, roll the dough into a 8 inch log and chill for at least 4 hours, but preferably over night. 
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. After thoroughly chilled, slice into 1/4 inch sections and place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Top with course sugar. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until slightly browned on the edges.


Let's Chat//Vol 1

FEELING// Super pumped/kinda nervous about CAMPing with TxSC. The amount of coolness concentrated at a Girl Scout Camp in Austin should be illegal. IM NOT COOL ENOUGH FOR THIS!

THINKING ABOUT// ALL THE CRAP I HAVE TO DO. There are 92 days until the wedding and although I have the wedding pretty much locked down everything else is a little up in the air... like moving. MOVING (insert panic attack)! 

LISTENING TO//READING// I talked about my love of Audible/Hoopla the other day and I just finished The Girl on the Train and although it started off kind of slow IT WAS AMAZING in the end. I am normally a "saw-that-twist-coming" kind of girl but not this one! Highly recommend... as if that 18573 posts on instagram I have seen didn't convince you.

WATCHING// One Tree Hill. I needed a mindless while-I-was-doing-other-things show to throw on netflix. I forgot how much I loved this show... plus the music is killer, plus NATHAN AND HAILEY FOREVER. Also Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, if you are not watching SHAME ON YOU. 

EATING// Lavender Shortbread... well they are baking now I'm making them as edible business cards for TxSC. More on that later.

THANKFUL FOR//Spring break and the fact IT'S FINALLY SPRING... technically! I wore shorts this week and despite almost blinding passers by I was LOVING IT. Now for a tan. 

LOVING// This candle, these shorts, my impending road trip with Whitney, meeting new friends at CAMP (follow along with the adventures on social media with the hashtag #TxSC15)

Happy FriYAY friends!

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5 Things that WILL happen at Camp

Ozark Mountains 2009, the year I got chacos and became a "real" crunchy aggie

This weekend I am headed to the Austin-ish area to go to the very last (tear) TXSC. This year we are camping... both literally, staying in cabins, and figuratively Creating A Meaningful Presence (CAMP). I have done my fair share of camping-- girl scout, church camp, family camping, working at a summer camp. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (no literally I have a tub FULL of camp t-shirts). Amongst all my camping experience a few things ring true time and time again... 

1. You WILL come home with stories: 
On one particular family camping trip my mom left some food wrapped in foil on top of a cooler to cool down and we were woken up in the middle of the night by wild hogs tearing through it like... well? wild hogs. She's never lived it down. 

2. You WILL come home with new friends and connections. 
There is something about being in a semi secluded state that makes people bond. Bonding changes peoples lives, changing peoples lives makes you friends. Its a pretty cool cycle. I still have inside jokes with friends from our camp days... they all revolve around boy bands and camp food.

3. You WILL feel like a better you. 
Getting away from it all with like minded people in the beauty of creation hits some hidden reset button in the brain and makes everything just a little bit better. Pinky Promise. 

4. Something WILL go wrong.
It's nature something will happen. One year on a Girl Scout camp out a tornado hit. Like a legit "Toto we're not in Kansas any more" (which is an ironic statement to make because we actually were in Kansas) kind of tornado. It was fun (not really it was freaking terrifying) and we all lived to tell the tale. The year I worked at summer camp I caught the Swine Flu and almost died also a anecdote for the memoir. 

5. It WILL be awesome. 

Lets camp. 

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