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Teacher Tuesday No.3: T^2

I am teaching 8th graders, they are too cool to be funny yet, but I still love them A LOT... so you will have to wait another week for a real story from the class

BUT... today is an anniversary of sorts that has a huge impact on the 5 W's of how I want to teach.

4 years ago today I met a group of people that at first glance seemed to be all sorts of wrong.
the female engineer,
the punk kid,
the sorority girl,
the guy that wore a shirt reading "this is why I'm HOT",
the guy who brought his homework,
the girl who when she finally spoke used words like scandalous to describe her past,
the girl who was was a mohawk, the indian, not the haircut,
the guy who showed up in a suite,
the guy who BLEW UP A CAR??,
and the slightly too enthusiastic girl who talked A LOT ( cough cough, yours truly),
and two AMAZING people who looked at this unique group of people and wondered how in the HECK was this going to work...

We were all part of a organization called MSC FISH
( stands for Freshman In Service and Hosting)
a freshman leadership organization here at A&M
dedicated to "providing leadership opportunities aimed at enhancing its members purpose and identity by engaging in community service and program development on campus and within the community." ( Mission Statement of FISH)

There is the big organization and then 10 smaller groups known as schools ( get it like schools of FISH, funny? yes) My group known as Toasty Treats (described above) I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that these twelve people would

a. become some of my best friends
b. would teach me more in college than all of my classes combined.

So on to those 5 W's and how Toasty Treats 0r T^2 influenced them

1. Who: Who I want to teach, if you re-read the description of the people above you will see an immense amount of diversity with in this group. These people taught me how to appreciate, accept and cherish diversity. ALL of these people taught me to not judge a book by its cover, for instance the guy who blew up the car and the "punk kid" and the "this is why I'm HOT" kid, are some of the most brilliant people I know!
( btw way I think all toasty is brilliant but these are the ones who didn't look brilliant when we all first met)

2. What: What I want to teach, one very special friends and fellow Toasty, happened to be majoring in the subject that I was minoring in, history! Her never ending search for knowledge and intense amount of dedication fueled my desire to reach and extend my knowledge allowing me to develop my love of history further!

3. Where: My Toasty Mama or the Assistant Director who was technically "in charge" is one of the most influential people in my life both personally and as a teacher. Through her desire to serve, her pursuit of social justice and her caring nature she answered the call to teach where she was need most. She is a teacher at YES! Prep (see post here). She has inspired me to teacher where I am needed and to teach the student who need good teachers the most.

4.When: They made college bearable with our awesome study parties and late nights in the annex! aka I somehow made it through college in 4 years!

5: Why: Each one of these people has inspired me in their own way to teach. The time I have spend learning to lead, learning to serve and learning to love with these people has shaped the way I will approach a classroom. I thank each and everyone of them for teaching me such valuable lesson about life!

** these 12 people aren't the only ones who had an impact on me but in honor of our 4 year anniversary they get a shout out! **


"we pop like toast, yeah were the most, we're TOASTY TREATS"


Teacher Tuesday No.2: WHY!?

Today is one of those days where all I have asked is WHY!?
Why do I have to get up for class?
Why do I have to take a quiz?
Why do I have to write a bio poem, read 5 chapters, do endless online discussions?
Why do I have to learn what a phoneme and a grapheme are?
Why? Why? WHY?

and then I watch this...

(ps this is the trailer for the movie Waiting for Superman coming out on September 24)
and this...

(this is a promo video for YES PREP Academy and amazing charter school in Houston)

I remember that its not about getting up at ungodly times in the morning.
Its not about what assignments are due or how much I don't want to do them.
It is about them, the students, the students that each teacher will touch everyday, every year.


Dear Texas...

Dearest Texas,
I love you I really do, you just need to cool down below 95 so I can break out the sweaters, and scarves. It's nothing personal it just I LOVE ME SOME SCARVES... and cardigans, and boots, and pumpkin spice lattes and some
College Football where I can't feel my toes.

I mean come on...
how do you not just die for layered cardigans

and these shoes! What kid doesn't want their teacher to teach in these beauties...
ooo or these

and scarves, really how can you resist a scarf, they are impossible to resist, its a proven fact, Wikipedia told me so.
(see even the model is perturbed at the fact that it is September and it too hot to wear a scarf)
and what is fall with out a
new handbag, this one will definitely do the trick...
( my birthday is in November... in case you were wondering)

and if all of those clothes didn't entice you to slow your roll on this whole over 100 in September thing I KNOW this will....

Thanks and gig'em


Teacher Tuesday No. 1

So partly because I have a two hour break on Tuesdays and partially because kids say the darndnest things each Tuesday I will be bringing you a story from the classroom!

Todays story comes from last year
because I don't start actually teaching till next week!

My fourth grade class came in from PE, some of the girls were huddled in the corner of the classroom chatting, I was casually walked over and started listening ... their conversation went something a little like this...

Girl 1: "Hey, did you get the stuff"
Girl 2: " Yeah I did, I got it from my mom's purse"
Miss Scholz: panic panic panic
Girl 3: " were gonna do it at recess, right?"
Miss Scholz: " Hey girls, whatcha talking about"
Girl 1: " promise not to tell"
Miss Scholz ( attempting not to have a panic attack) : " What are yall going to do at recess?"
Girl 2: " were going to put on MAKE-UP"

Honestly, I don't think I have been more grateful for blush and mascara in my life.