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Dear Texas...

Dearest Texas,
I love you I really do, you just need to cool down below 95 so I can break out the sweaters, and scarves. It's nothing personal it just I LOVE ME SOME SCARVES... and cardigans, and boots, and pumpkin spice lattes and some
College Football where I can't feel my toes.

I mean come on...
how do you not just die for layered cardigans

and these shoes! What kid doesn't want their teacher to teach in these beauties...
ooo or these

and scarves, really how can you resist a scarf, they are impossible to resist, its a proven fact, Wikipedia told me so.
(see even the model is perturbed at the fact that it is September and it too hot to wear a scarf)
and what is fall with out a
new handbag, this one will definitely do the trick...
( my birthday is in November... in case you were wondering)

and if all of those clothes didn't entice you to slow your roll on this whole over 100 in September thing I KNOW this will....

Thanks and gig'em

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