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Teacher Tuesday No. 1

So partly because I have a two hour break on Tuesdays and partially because kids say the darndnest things each Tuesday I will be bringing you a story from the classroom!

Todays story comes from last year
because I don't start actually teaching till next week!

My fourth grade class came in from PE, some of the girls were huddled in the corner of the classroom chatting, I was casually walked over and started listening ... their conversation went something a little like this...

Girl 1: "Hey, did you get the stuff"
Girl 2: " Yeah I did, I got it from my mom's purse"
Miss Scholz: panic panic panic
Girl 3: " were gonna do it at recess, right?"
Miss Scholz: " Hey girls, whatcha talking about"
Girl 1: " promise not to tell"
Miss Scholz ( attempting not to have a panic attack) : " What are yall going to do at recess?"
Girl 2: " were going to put on MAKE-UP"

Honestly, I don't think I have been more grateful for blush and mascara in my life.


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