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Teacher Tuesday No.2: WHY!?

Today is one of those days where all I have asked is WHY!?
Why do I have to get up for class?
Why do I have to take a quiz?
Why do I have to write a bio poem, read 5 chapters, do endless online discussions?
Why do I have to learn what a phoneme and a grapheme are?
Why? Why? WHY?

and then I watch this...

(ps this is the trailer for the movie Waiting for Superman coming out on September 24)
and this...

(this is a promo video for YES PREP Academy and amazing charter school in Houston)

I remember that its not about getting up at ungodly times in the morning.
Its not about what assignments are due or how much I don't want to do them.
It is about them, the students, the students that each teacher will touch everyday, every year.

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