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Teacher Tuesday No.4: Bottle It Up

So, remember that time I am a senior methods student and haven't blogged in almost a month. I DO, I feel like I should be put in some kind of blogger time out.

(21 minutes later, cause thats what supper nanny would say)


I wish there was someway to bottle time, cause if there was I would have quite the little collection in my "Student Teaching" section.

Bottle #1: My first Parent Teacher Conference. I wish I could bottle up the grace and poise that my teacher had, she was welcoming and concerned with out being frustrated and judgmental.

Bottle #2: Grading. Some teachers whine and complain about "all the grading I have to do" and someday (probably in the near future) I will say the same thing. But during this experience I LOVE TO GRADE, I love to see how the kids are progressing! Honestly, it is also pretty fun to whiled a red pen, I feel very "teachery", I also feel very "teachery" when I use one of those fun EX graders.

Bottle #3: Scantrons. I got to run the scantrons for the test my kids took this week, and as silly as it sounds I was elated, I loved the humm of the scantron reader, I hated the clicking noise when it counted something wrong, I loved the split second anticipation of looking at the grades.

Bottle #4: My First real compliment. It went a little something like this...

me: (shooting a "teacher look" at an off task student)
student: "Miss Scholz, your teacher look has gotten much better"
me: "...thank you?"
student: "oh!please take that as a compliment"

Oh, how I wish I could bottle these moments up, looking at them glittering ( for some reason I picture time glittery) in the sunlight in pretty glass jars as a constant reminder of reasons that I love to teach.

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