Four Years of Fightin' Texas Aggie Football.

1. I should be writing a lesson right now, whew. OK now that I got that off my chest....

2.I love football, I always have and always will, I was at every game in high school, ok ok so I had to be it was a grade but still even if it wasn't a grade I wo
uld have been there.

So when I decided to come to A&M I was so excited for some Fightin' Texas Aggie football!!
OK so we weren't that good, ok still aren't that good ( although getting better, were ranked 17th right now, Texas isn't even on the list and as all good Ag's know if Texas is loosing we are winning)

After my first game I set a goal, attend all home football games all four years.

gotta little math for ya Ags: ~7 home games x 4 years= 28 games.

3. 28 games later ...

Freshman year:
1. I didn't have a camera Fall of my freshman year, gasp! I know its hard to imagine.
2. The Freshman 15 was more like the freshman 50 for me there for I am glad I didn't have a camera
3. I passes out at the second game... ok now i'm REALLY glad I didn't have a camera
4. This picture is from the Alamobowl, we lost.
Sophomore Year:
1. I spent all the games with these WONDERFUL people!
2. Clearly I got a camera, and lost my freshman 50.
3. We made these dresses, we were stylin'
4. In 20 years I guarantee we will be laughin' at these dresses.
Junior Year
1. ... blur.
2. still spent it with great people at a great stadium
Senior Year
1. Spent it with these lovely ladies!
2. WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING WELLLL (#17 right now!)
3. Broke the record for number of students at a college football game 31,005!

... we stood the whole time, we beat the hello outta everyone, won some games and lost some too, and made too many memories to count. Most of all I had the Aggie spirit instilled in my heart forever.

"i've seen 'em win, I've seen 'em loose but i've NEVER seen them quit"


3. I sure have used a lot of lists in this post...


Teacher FRIDAY? No.7: Eighth Grade is a lot More Fun the Second Time Around

Thursday was my last day at College Station Middle School. I could write a long sappy post about how much I loved it, how wonderful my teacher was and how much I learned ( which are all things that are actually true) but no I think I will let my eighth graders sum up my experiece for ya....

My teacher had each student write a note to me...

here are the top 10 ( in no particular order)
(my comentary is in blue)

10. Dear Miss Scholz, You will most be remembered as a young fashionable woman and also as a philanthropist.
( Im pretty sure philanthropist was a vocab word this week, just sayin)

9. Miss Scholz, You wear really cute clothes. Love "student" oh and ps your'e a good teacher too.
( glad to see we have our priorities straight!)

8. Thank you Miss Scholz for teaching us very awesomely! and thank you for helping me with my math homework.
(1. I think I shall turn this card into Miss Sargent for some English help 2. As for the Math part well you can see why that is so funny here)

7.(consider yourself warned this is a long one)
Dear Miss Scholz, Thank you for everything you did for all the classes, I know it might have been hard some days but hopefully you had fun. You were very easy to understand which sometimes is hard for me to do. Talking with you about funny things and the AGGIES was awesome! But I just thank you again for teaching us putting up with our behavior and :) GOOFINESS :). Gig em
( not going to lie I cried when I read that one)

6. Thank you Miss Scholz, you made History more fun. I really liked the "Its too late to Apologize" video you showed us. You were really funny and nice
( seeeee at least someone thinks I am funny!!!)

5. Thanks Miss Scholz for teaching when we had Mrs. Rose!
( umm yes, Mrs. Rose, candidate for worst/meanest sub evahhhh)

4.Will you Marry me?
( no explanation needed...right?)

3. Miss Scholz, Thank you so much! My spiral is still in order and it is very easy to study for tests and quizzes!
( another W for the Organization Fairy!)

2. Miss Scholz, you should come visit, hopefully I am not in ISS (in school suspension)
( Yes, hopefully my dear, precious troublemaker of mine, lets sure hope your ISS days are behind you)

1a. (I promise this one is just too funny to leave out)
Thank you Miss Scholz for teaching us and yelling at me and other people. I hope you come back.
( Well at least I didn't emotionally scar you by yelling "_____ be quiet" 3000 times per class)

1. You have a big brain, thank you for giving us a section of it
( on top of evoking really great imagery, this is just so creative.)

Some were funny, some were heartfelt but ALL summed up about how I felt about being with these AMAZING eighth graders for 10 weeks!


The M-word.

a student asked me to help them with a math problem today...
and I got it RIGHT.

if you look our your window you should see one of these ...


Teacher Tuesday No.6: Boston, Thomas Jefferson and Cupcakes


No, unfortunately I did not get to take a weekend trip to Bean Town. Boston is just one more reminder that teaching does completely take over your mind. My class has been studying the beginnings of the American Revolution, many of the most historical and well known events happened in Boston. I have written, said, heard, and read the word BOSTON so many times I actually dreamt about Boston. I dreamt that I witnessed both the Boston Tea Party and the Paul Revere "two if by sea" lamp hanging in the North Church. I have either gone completely insane or am just that much closer to becoming "that teacher" :)


In keeping with the American Revolution theme, this is a video that we played in class to introduce the Declaration of Independence.My kids L-O-V-E-D it, there may or may not have even been some air guitar playing. I LOVE THIS VIDEO for many reasons, first and foremost that it is probably making Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Sam Adams roll over in their graves. I also love this video because it modernizes history, if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that "I hate history, its too boring" then I would be a very rich woman. If you think that this video makes history boring then you must not have watched the same video as me.


Again, not real cupcakes but with my certification test in 10 DAYS (eeeek) I was studying yesterday and found this journal. I had to buy it, it was the perfect mantra for the next ten days. On the inside cover I also wrote

Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

two wonderful mantas to end this semester.


Tapping into my inner 4 year old

Two years ago my grandma was at a craft show she insisted that she buy me a A&M hair bow, my mom tried to talk her out of it, I was 20 years old after all not 4! My grandmother insisted, and if you know what is good for you nod your head and agree.

I opened my birthday present ( which BTW was a family heirloom pin that she had restored and turned into a ring) at the bottom of the bag sat my A&M hair bow, I smiled, said thank you and continued to gush over my ring.

Fast forward 2 years and several fashion trends later (which include the reintroduction on hair-bows on college campuses), sitting at the tail gate Saturday I mad
e eye contact with a girl with a microphone and a guy with a camera (from FOX Sports BTW), she came over and asked me if she could interview me on tailgating fashion tips. I awkwardly agreed.

I was wearing...
1. Long sleeved A&M V neck
2. Black Skirt with Pockets
3. Sweater Knit Tights
4. Cowboy Boots
5. The hair bow my grandmother had given me.

I racked my brain for my "fashion tip" .... cowboy boots? Skirt with pockets? ...HAIR BOW, that was it my hair bow!

my quick thinking boyfriend pulled out his handy dandy iPhone and captured our version

Q: What makes you a tailgating expert?
A: What makes me a tailgating expert is good food, a good grill a
nd great friends to do it with!
Q: What is your best tailgating fashion tip?
A: My best fashion tail gating tip is to tap into your inner 4 year old and pull out the bow!

Oh and in other news WE BEAT THE HELL OUTTA OU and simultaneously became ranked...23rd but ranked none the less!


She liked it so she put a ring on it... M.O.H style!

So there was this guy...
who gave this...
to this girlwhich led to this girl ^ showing up my door step like this...asking me to be her MAID OF HONOR!!!
eeeek. my best friend is marrying my other best friend and I get to stand right beside them as they say I DO!!! I couldn't be more excited to stand up with these girls...
and these girls
and this girl


let the planning. parties and fun BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teacher Tuesday No.5: Senior Citizen Parking

As the end of the semester approaches and my the reality that I will become a real teacher creeps closer and closer and with that realization I have begun to notice some changes in my behavior...

Observation 1: I am a grandma.
Seriously, most night I have to will myself to stay up until 10. For example, I was at HEB at 10:15 the other night and I justified parking in the "reserved for senior citizens" space because it was past my bed time and only senior citizens have bed times before 10.

Observation 2: I am a teacher 24/7.
While at the football game this week, please let me reiterate that at the COLLEGE football game, I hushed some guy next to me because he was talking while I was trying to watch a video they were playing. Yes, I actually hushed a grown man, teacher look and all, luckily he just laughed, I am sure his tailgating activities helped his humor that day.

Observation 3: I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am supposed to be a teacher.
During the day I find my self day dreaming about my future students, my classroom, my procedures, my future activities. Seriously all I want to do it do is graduate and get my hands on those kids!!!

for a good laugh check out : why teachers drink

... and here is just a funny story because it is election day.

(rationale behind my answers: Starting a political debate at 8am with an 8th grader was not on my to-do list this day)

Student: "Miss Scholz, how do you feel about the new law about having to be 18 to buy a video game?"
Me: " Well, I can see both sides of the argument"
Student: " How do you feel about changing the drinking age"
Me " Well, I can see both sides of that one too"
Student: " How do you feel about them legalizing marijuana"
Me: " Yea I can see both side of that one too"
Student: " Miss Scholz, don't run for office, you would suck at being a politician"

Thank GOD for honesty :)