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Four Years of Fightin' Texas Aggie Football.

1. I should be writing a lesson right now, whew. OK now that I got that off my chest....

2.I love football, I always have and always will, I was at every game in high school, ok ok so I had to be it was a grade but still even if it wasn't a grade I wo
uld have been there.

So when I decided to come to A&M I was so excited for some Fightin' Texas Aggie football!!
OK so we weren't that good, ok still aren't that good ( although getting better, were ranked 17th right now, Texas isn't even on the list and as all good Ag's know if Texas is loosing we are winning)

After my first game I set a goal, attend all home football games all four years.

gotta little math for ya Ags: ~7 home games x 4 years= 28 games.

3. 28 games later ...

Freshman year:
1. I didn't have a camera Fall of my freshman year, gasp! I know its hard to imagine.
2. The Freshman 15 was more like the freshman 50 for me there for I am glad I didn't have a camera
3. I passes out at the second game... ok now i'm REALLY glad I didn't have a camera
4. This picture is from the Alamobowl, we lost.
Sophomore Year:
1. I spent all the games with these WONDERFUL people!
2. Clearly I got a camera, and lost my freshman 50.
3. We made these dresses, we were stylin'
4. In 20 years I guarantee we will be laughin' at these dresses.
Junior Year
1. ... blur.
2. still spent it with great people at a great stadium
Senior Year
1. Spent it with these lovely ladies!
2. WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING WELLLL (#17 right now!)
3. Broke the record for number of students at a college football game 31,005!

... we stood the whole time, we beat the hello outta everyone, won some games and lost some too, and made too many memories to count. Most of all I had the Aggie spirit instilled in my heart forever.

"i've seen 'em win, I've seen 'em loose but i've NEVER seen them quit"


3. I sure have used a lot of lists in this post...

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