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Teacher FRIDAY? No.7: Eighth Grade is a lot More Fun the Second Time Around

Thursday was my last day at College Station Middle School. I could write a long sappy post about how much I loved it, how wonderful my teacher was and how much I learned ( which are all things that are actually true) but no I think I will let my eighth graders sum up my experiece for ya....

My teacher had each student write a note to me...

here are the top 10 ( in no particular order)
(my comentary is in blue)

10. Dear Miss Scholz, You will most be remembered as a young fashionable woman and also as a philanthropist.
( Im pretty sure philanthropist was a vocab word this week, just sayin)

9. Miss Scholz, You wear really cute clothes. Love "student" oh and ps your'e a good teacher too.
( glad to see we have our priorities straight!)

8. Thank you Miss Scholz for teaching us very awesomely! and thank you for helping me with my math homework.
(1. I think I shall turn this card into Miss Sargent for some English help 2. As for the Math part well you can see why that is so funny here)

7.(consider yourself warned this is a long one)
Dear Miss Scholz, Thank you for everything you did for all the classes, I know it might have been hard some days but hopefully you had fun. You were very easy to understand which sometimes is hard for me to do. Talking with you about funny things and the AGGIES was awesome! But I just thank you again for teaching us putting up with our behavior and :) GOOFINESS :). Gig em
( not going to lie I cried when I read that one)

6. Thank you Miss Scholz, you made History more fun. I really liked the "Its too late to Apologize" video you showed us. You were really funny and nice
( seeeee at least someone thinks I am funny!!!)

5. Thanks Miss Scholz for teaching when we had Mrs. Rose!
( umm yes, Mrs. Rose, candidate for worst/meanest sub evahhhh)

4.Will you Marry me?
( no explanation needed...right?)

3. Miss Scholz, Thank you so much! My spiral is still in order and it is very easy to study for tests and quizzes!
( another W for the Organization Fairy!)

2. Miss Scholz, you should come visit, hopefully I am not in ISS (in school suspension)
( Yes, hopefully my dear, precious troublemaker of mine, lets sure hope your ISS days are behind you)

1a. (I promise this one is just too funny to leave out)
Thank you Miss Scholz for teaching us and yelling at me and other people. I hope you come back.
( Well at least I didn't emotionally scar you by yelling "_____ be quiet" 3000 times per class)

1. You have a big brain, thank you for giving us a section of it
( on top of evoking really great imagery, this is just so creative.)

Some were funny, some were heartfelt but ALL summed up about how I felt about being with these AMAZING eighth graders for 10 weeks!

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