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Teacher Tuesday No.5: Senior Citizen Parking

As the end of the semester approaches and my the reality that I will become a real teacher creeps closer and closer and with that realization I have begun to notice some changes in my behavior...

Observation 1: I am a grandma.
Seriously, most night I have to will myself to stay up until 10. For example, I was at HEB at 10:15 the other night and I justified parking in the "reserved for senior citizens" space because it was past my bed time and only senior citizens have bed times before 10.

Observation 2: I am a teacher 24/7.
While at the football game this week, please let me reiterate that at the COLLEGE football game, I hushed some guy next to me because he was talking while I was trying to watch a video they were playing. Yes, I actually hushed a grown man, teacher look and all, luckily he just laughed, I am sure his tailgating activities helped his humor that day.

Observation 3: I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am supposed to be a teacher.
During the day I find my self day dreaming about my future students, my classroom, my procedures, my future activities. Seriously all I want to do it do is graduate and get my hands on those kids!!!

for a good laugh check out : why teachers drink

... and here is just a funny story because it is election day.

(rationale behind my answers: Starting a political debate at 8am with an 8th grader was not on my to-do list this day)

Student: "Miss Scholz, how do you feel about the new law about having to be 18 to buy a video game?"
Me: " Well, I can see both sides of the argument"
Student: " How do you feel about changing the drinking age"
Me " Well, I can see both sides of that one too"
Student: " How do you feel about them legalizing marijuana"
Me: " Yea I can see both side of that one too"
Student: " Miss Scholz, don't run for office, you would suck at being a politician"

Thank GOD for honesty :)

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