2011: A Year in Review

Lately I have been thinking about the past year and how absolutely insane it had been. There have been more life changes crammed into the past 12 months than in my whole life. Writing this post has made me so thankful God gave me the strength to survive (summer WAS touch and go.... just sayin). As I look at theses pictures I can not help but feel an overwhelmed with how blessed in 2011.

January: I started my student teaching! 
Bryan, TX

February: Reese graduated from Louisiana Tech University!
Ruston, LA
March: Spring breaked with theses wonderful people!
Destin, FL

May: Graduated from the best university in the world, TEXAS A&M
College Station, TX

May: Moved from College Station and my amazing college condo.
College Station, TX
May: Celebrated 1 year with Reese
Conroe, TX
June: My little brother graduated from high school!
San Antonio, TX

June: Stephy Pinto became Stephy Reeh
New Braunfels, TX
July: Got my first teaching job!
Kemp, TX

 August: Moved into my first "big girl" apartment!
Kemp, TX

August: Katie Beth Crossland, or if you prefer KBC, turned into Katie Beth Bruxvoort or now as I refer to her KBB!
Flyodada, TX

September: Attended my first game as a former student! WHOOP!
College Station, TX
October: Watched this house get packed up and moved to (well the stuff) Hilton Head South Carolina! 

San Antonio, TX

November: Celebrated 23!
Shreveport, Louisiana

December: Celebrated Christmas at the beach in my parents new home state!

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Whew, 2011 you really did have a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs and surprises in store.
2012, although I dont think you can live up to ALL that change in one year I know that you are going to be a special year with your own twists, turns and surprises. 

May God bless your 2012 richly! 


HIgh Five No. 4

My fourth addition to High Five Friday over at 
is vacation themed and it is glorious if I do say so myself.

5. Deal of the DECADE… heck maybe CENTURY 
 I went shopping in downtown Bluffton with my mom and happened upon the most precious vintage shop. I had been looking for a belt for my NYE outfit and thought a vintage touch would be perfect … I headed straight for the belts when the owner intercepted me with a bin of 50% off belts and in this bin was this baby 

a real circa 1970 Ralph Lauren Lizard belt retial $600… I paid $22.


 I will never take it off again. 

4. Superior Queso.
Superior Grill is a kick butt Mexican restaurant in Shreveport, LA. I could eat their queso for days and be completely fine. From the moment it touched my lips I was determined to learn how to make it. Trial 1 was at Reese's family christmas definitely a decent batch, but some tweaking was necessary.  Attempt 2 I can confidently say I nailed it!. 

Recipe and steps are another blog!
YOU will love me for it… your HIPS, on the other hand, might not talk to me for a while. 

3. Trivia Night. 
Our family friends the Meyerkords also were in Hilton Head for the holidays . Tuesday night we headed out to the Mellow Mushroom for their weekly trivia night. 
(can we please discuss how I look like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, all I need is a yellow brick road!) 
YAY family fun!

2. Christmas! 
My mom has only been in South Carolina for a month but she did an AMAZING job of making the house feel like Christmas! 
My brother made the "DUH" but extremely true comment 
" it looks like our old house just in a new house" 
Thanks mama for making us feel at home 6 states from home! 

1. South Carolina 
Although I love Texas and will always be a Texas girl at heart I could get used to the amazing sunshine, the spanish moss draped oak tress and the AHHH-mazing beaches. 

Happy Friday! 



I love food. 
I love to eat food. 
look at food. 
take pictures of food. 
feed people food. 

 there are just some foods that I have an aversion to due to texture. 
Pudding, jello, and grits, etc. 

Now I am transitioning into my life as a southern girlfriend and daughter. 
Disliking grits is unacceptable. 

So I took the plunge and did what Paula Deen would do "put a little south in my mouth".

attempt #1
Marilyns Place: Shreveport LA
I liked it. The grits were almost like a casserole. The shrimp were swimming in a creole ramolade sauce that was perfection. It was a great way to be introduced to the wide world of grits. 

attempt #2. 
Charleston Crab House; Charleston, South Carolina 
oh my dear sweet baby jesus. I LOVE grits. real, creamy, buttery, cheesy (in this case BBQ-y), southern-y grits. 

Now that I have mastered eating grits I need to master making grits. 

One step closer to being the best southern girlfriend and daughter. 
Sorry hips, thighs and well everywhere else girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 


OH! How PINTREST-ing No. 3

I have a new obsession.
So therefore i apologize for this Pintrest-ing post being a little one sided but if it makes it any better is a really good side!! 

Today I am linking up again with the lovely 

 The Vintage Apple for her OH! How Pintersting Wednesday!

Obsession: Vintage Suitcases 

As tables. 


Christmas Eve Tradition: Pizza Hut

It was 30 years ago. I didn't exist, my brother didn't exist.

It was 1981 and my mom and dad were newly weds and couldn't go home to Virginia for Christmas.

My dad wanted to be sweet, so he decided to take my mom out for a nice Christmas Eve dinner.

There was a problem a teeny-tiny problem. They lived in a teeny-tiny town. The only restaurant open was Pizza Hut.

And right there in that tiny Missouri town my family's greatest tradition was born; Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve dinner.

EVERY YEAR, literally EVERY year we have gone to Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve Dinner. 
No matter what state. 
No matter who was sick, 1997 was tough. 
No matter the weather; rain, sleet, snow, just call us USPS.
No matter what time we have to eat… aka 4:30 dinner this year. 

This year was no different.

Merry Christmas Eve from The Scholz family… and Pizza Hut. 


Merry Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite times of year. 
I hope your day is filled with hustle and bustle and holiday cheer. 
Above all I hope your day is filled with the knowledge of the birth of our Savior and the hope and mercy he brings. 

Now I am off to celebrate at church, bake pies, sing christmas carols and snuggle up with our family tradition of Pizza Hut Pizza (explanation to follow)


High Five Friday No. 2

It's Friday ALREADY! Whew! Again I am linking up with the Lovely Lauren of
From My Grey Desk for another fabulous installment of High Five Friday!

5.I survived finals.
I used to think that once I finished my last round of finals senior year I was home free and the dreaded "F" word would never have to cross my lips again...FALSE! Thank you Jesus I survived writing/giving/grading 120 6th grade finals! (also the reason I haven't blogged in a week!)
4. Sixth grade band concert.
Tuesday I attended my kiddos 6th grade band concert. All I have to say is a. God bless band directors b. it was only 15 mins long. BEST IDEA EVER
3. Christmas lovin from my kiddos.
I cried multiple times this week reason the notes my kiddos gave to me for Christmas. Really that is ALL I wanted for Christmas

2. Holiday fun!
Last weekend I spent Saturday with Reese's family in Jena, LA. We had blast catching up,playing Christmas games (NO I PROMISE I DIDN'T CHEAT!!) and of course a cut throat game of dirty Santa!

1. Painless Holiday travel!
Yesterday my brother and I hopped on a plane to South Carolina to visit our parents in their new home state! In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle I am so grateful for painless holiday travel!

Now I am off to explore charleston and head on home to Hilton Head Island!



HIgh Five Friday!

I am linking up with From My Grey Desk for HIGH Five Friday!
I love this idea. I love looking back over the top 5 things from my week. 
When you are a teacher you learn really fast that the Highs are really High and the lows are REALLY low. 

I like looking back. 

Here are my HIGH Five!

5. The Lightbulb effect. 
When I was in college there was all this talk about the "light bulb effect". Its the moment when your students start to "get it". Tuesday I was having a terrible day one of those low lows and then it happened a HUGH light bulb moment.
Thank You Jesus. 

4. Hubble and Hudson
Hubble and Hudson is a Gourmet Grocery Store in Houston I could walk around for HOURS. There is truly nothing better than soft ripened cheese and whole bean coffee. Reese and I left with lots of samples in our bellies and a nice bottle of possibly obscure wine. Happy Girl! 

I spent the weekend in Houston with Reese.

3. Skeet Shooting. 
The actual shooting was not my favorite part nor a high five in my week BUT spending time with Reese doing something he loves WAS. He shoot neon colored clay out of the sky for two hours… I held the bullets. Then he humored me with a trip to Hobby Lobby where he proceeded not to open his mouth once. Compromise is a wonderful thing. 

There are several things I love about Christmas.  First and foremost being Jesus being born… DUH. A close second to the obvious first is 


 and gaining 5 pounds per day by eating the cookies my students bring my and I feel obligated to eat. 

Annnnnddd drum roll please
My No. 1 high five for this week isssssssss

1. My Text book tree.
I decided to Christmas-fy my classroom to make taking finals seem a little less grim. This is what I came up with a CHRISTMAS tree made out of TEXTBOOKS. I am obsessed.

Happy Friday!
What are yours high fives from this week?