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Oh Well Hey There!

Envelope please, and the winner for the worst blogger of the year goes to, drum roll please…. yours truly! Ok so I may not be the WORST blogger on the face of the planet but seriously its been pretty bad, I haven't blogged since November, FAIL. So I suppose we can recap.

  • I finished my last semester of regular ( if you can call one day of class from 8-5 regular) college classes, Whoop!
  • I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family!
  • My boyfriend came and met my family for the first time, thankfully no "Meet the Parents moments"
    ( Reese's first trip to the Alamo!)


  • I spent a wonderful week in Shreveport with some of my best friends Jana and Allyson "teaching" at an Elementary School.
  • My cousin came to San Antonio and filmed my grandparents for a family documentary he is putting together. I can't wait to see the finished product from my big shot Hollywood family member.
  • Had a fantastic christmas with my family watching home movies!
  • Fulfilled my maid of honor duties and went with Stephanie to pick out her dress!
  • I took December as my relaxing time before the insanity of student teaching
( My mom & I had a tea party at this precious Tea room in San Antonio, I just loved their Christmas decorations)

  • Spent a FANTASTIC New Years weekend in The Woodlands with my awesome boyfriend and our wonderful friends, Jana and Neal.
  • Started student teaching (more on that in tomorrows catch up post)
  • Ended up in the hospital on the first Friday on student teaching (again, more on that in tomorrows post)
  • Made a New Years resolution to start blogging more… Yeah about that (its February 6… Fail?)

( Some of our New Years pictures, BY FAR the best New Years I have ever had!)

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