iPhone Love.

i love you iPhone.
you take pictures you connect me
no more being lost.

Yep thats right I just wrote my iPhone a Hiku. Thats how much I love it. If I REALLY love you I'll write you a Hiku ( ok I lied I wont write you a hiku but I needed to justify the fact that I just wrote an inanimate object a poem). Ok enough justification. I was going through my phone the other day and realized that I take a ridiculous amount of pictures. I mean I really do love pictures but now that I have a 5 mega pixle camera with me at all times, I think I may be one step away from joining the ranks of the paparazzi. I have had my iPhone since November and have managed to rack up almost 600 pictures… (12 step program anyone?) I'm sure the 5 camera apps don't help my addiction any.

Here are some of my faves from the last few months…

Jana's Birthday:

My Beautiful Roses from boyfriend for Valentines day
Allyson's stress reliver, I named him Milo…
The reason I am making it though student teaching right now
our "winter white" on double date night!
Double Date at the Wine Bar!
Timeout game at the basketball game!
Jasmine Star… my version of Justin Bieber
Tred's awesome diaper cake
Boyfriends 23rd birthday!
Fightin' Texas Aggie Basketball
Tea Party with my mama
umm just love old books
One of my favorite parts of the drive to Shreveport.
One of my favorite parts of the Drive to San Antonio.
yay first iPhone picture! Yay boyfriend… aka walking Apple Store!

Dear Aaron Watson

Dear Aaron Watson,
We love you… and your fiddle player :).

I love concerts. I love Texas Country and I love Aaron Watson. These 3 loves collided last Friday night in an epic collision of well… epicness. The teachers put down our red pens and EZ graders and the others put down their mid term notes long enough to join our college counterparts to partake in some fighting Texas Aggie Texas Hall Fame Fun. We were really excited to strap on our cowboy boots and go "Honky Tonkin".

Oh Aaron.

Meet Damien ( I'm sorry I mean Mr. Allyson Wright). The only boy that can make Affliction look good. He is Aaron's ( yeah were on a first name basis, no big deal) fiddle player. He also has a smile that can melt glaciers and is second in my heart only to Zach Efron …uhhh I mean my boyfriend.

Cardigans are the best invention since… well possibly ever. I was unaware that there are rules for cardigans… and wearing them to a concert is apparently breaking the rules. Jana's mother politely informed us poor souls through burst of laughter that we were breaking said rule. To top it off my cardigan had pockets, can you believe it… POCKETS, clearly teaching is taking over my brain. I mean usually I am a rule follower but I mean but separating a teacher from their cardigan, I mean thats just not right.


Teacher Tuesday No.7: Student Teaching

I am 20-ish days deep in student teaching. I am teaching in a 7th grade English class. I think the only way I can describe the last 20-ish days in interesting, VERY interesting. I love it, don't me wrong. Here, I think the best way to describe my time with my 7th graders is through my favorite stories from the last 20 days…

1. Make Up:
My first day one of my boys raised their hand, being the dutiful teacher I am, I immediately rushed over to him prepared to impart my wealth of knowledge on his eager (ha!) young mind. He in turn said in the most serious voice possible " Miss Scholz, I think you wear too much make up". AWESOME i'm so glad they are worried about the important things in life

2.The Bieber effect
I'll let my facebook status tell the story…

There is never a dull moment in the 7th grade!!