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Dear Aaron Watson

Dear Aaron Watson,
We love you… and your fiddle player :).

I love concerts. I love Texas Country and I love Aaron Watson. These 3 loves collided last Friday night in an epic collision of well… epicness. The teachers put down our red pens and EZ graders and the others put down their mid term notes long enough to join our college counterparts to partake in some fighting Texas Aggie Texas Hall Fame Fun. We were really excited to strap on our cowboy boots and go "Honky Tonkin".

Oh Aaron.

Meet Damien ( I'm sorry I mean Mr. Allyson Wright). The only boy that can make Affliction look good. He is Aaron's ( yeah were on a first name basis, no big deal) fiddle player. He also has a smile that can melt glaciers and is second in my heart only to Zach Efron …uhhh I mean my boyfriend.

Cardigans are the best invention since… well possibly ever. I was unaware that there are rules for cardigans… and wearing them to a concert is apparently breaking the rules. Jana's mother politely informed us poor souls through burst of laughter that we were breaking said rule. To top it off my cardigan had pockets, can you believe it… POCKETS, clearly teaching is taking over my brain. I mean usually I am a rule follower but I mean but separating a teacher from their cardigan, I mean thats just not right.

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