Teacher Tuesday No.7: Student Teaching

I am 20-ish days deep in student teaching. I am teaching in a 7th grade English class. I think the only way I can describe the last 20-ish days in interesting, VERY interesting. I love it, don't me wrong. Here, I think the best way to describe my time with my 7th graders is through my favorite stories from the last 20 days…

1. Make Up:
My first day one of my boys raised their hand, being the dutiful teacher I am, I immediately rushed over to him prepared to impart my wealth of knowledge on his eager (ha!) young mind. He in turn said in the most serious voice possible " Miss Scholz, I think you wear too much make up". AWESOME i'm so glad they are worried about the important things in life

2.The Bieber effect
I'll let my facebook status tell the story…

There is never a dull moment in the 7th grade!!

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