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Andy & Katiebeth Installment One

She slowly sipped on her sonic drink during preparations for VBS. We racked our brains for people we could con, ehh I mean bestow the pleasure, of volunteering to run around with elementary school kids for a week. It was the summer, not very many of "college" go-to people were in town. We continued to rack, and rack and rack. Until the elusive eldest son of one of the main church families came to mind. After Andy's name popped into our brain we gushed about how much we adored the rest of his family. His hip mother, his artsy sister and his Justin Beiber look alike brother. Katiebeth looked at me and breathlessly squealed ( like only KatieBeth can do)

Well Katiebeth, you got your wish when Andy slipped this little beauty on your hand!
I just love how much fun this couple is!
I can't wait to close down the streets of Flyodada with yall!
gorge. seriously...
Work it baby. Work it!

Just a little potty humor to tide you over until the next installment


Zach & Steph: Love was Brewed

if you read this post or this post you know my two of my best friends are getting hitched!

Last night we got celebrated the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Reeh
(that was really weird to write)

The theme of the night was "love is brewing". We got to see some love brewing as well as some coffee, and tea… and some beer ( I mean I guess that is brewing too).

The sweet couple that is 70ish days away from being MARRIED!
ahhmazingly delish Apple Apricot Coffee Cake
the opening of gifts begins, it was Zach's turn to partake in the awkwardness that is opening shower gifts.
Apparently this has something to do with this
(omg there is even a SONG!)
Tissue paper fun!
Shut Up love this face.

…and this is why I love them!

she looks so in love with him in this picture, so sweet!


Best Man!

Thank you sweet friends for coming to celebrate Zach & Stephanie and their love! I know that they were overwhelmed by the blessings you bring to their lives.

next step in celebrating the wedding … THE BACHELORETTE PARTY stay tuned its going to be a party.


Black Heels, Tractor Wheels… and the beach.

First of all I am not a math person NOR should I have really been doing math on spring break BUT I think I'm safe with this

7 girls+ several copies of Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels + The Beach= some pretty epic spring break reading.

Claire and I were the first to catch the "pioneer woman" bug. I stayed up for 24 hours ( failing to study for a test, ah what we do for a good book) reading the online version of Ree Drummond's
"the bodice-ripping saga of how [she] met and married [her] husband". I was hooked. Ree's witty portrayal of ranch life, scrumptious recipes, and jaw dropping pictures became (and still is) a daily obsession. It was not uncommon for either my boyfriend or my dad to roll their eyes and ask if dinner had come from my idol her self Pioneer Woman.

When I found out that "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" was available in real ink and paper format it took all my will power not to go out and buy 100 copies.

Spring Break served as the perfect opportunity to put down the 7th grade novels I was previewing and pick up the saucy, steamy, modern day gone-with-the-wind-style real life romance novel that is Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

As I mentioned before… 7 girls, real life romance novel, of course we were swooning. I mean who as a senior in college (heck at any point in life) wouldn't want to meet their "Marlboro Man". Who doesn't want to be pulled from their vehicle at the intersection of two country roads and be kissed, I mean REALLY kissed.

read it. Seriously right now. Get your keys drive to B&N and buy 8 copies RIGHT NOW you won't be sorry.

even the self proclaimed "hater of all black and white printed words" Jana Post read 38 pages because she WANTED to. If that isn't high praise I don't know what is.

Spring Break 2k11

Lately there has been nothing to blog about, or well I feel like there has been nothing to blog about. Wake Up (in the morning feeling like p.diddy?), teach, plan, eat (maybe), sleep, lather… rinse.. repeat. I feel like I should stop and thank you for enduring my shameless Ke$ha plug. Thankfully there was a break in the monotony. Her name was Spring Break and she couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

We headed out of town in two cars a "Shreveport Car" and a "Texas Car" ( clearly one of these vehicles was the superior vehicle, i'll let you decided which one :) ) After hitting some ridiculous Baton Rouge spring break traffic and almost having to pee in the swamp lands we arrived in Baton Rouge. We met up with some LSU friends and eat to the most scrumptious shrimp po-boy evahhh ( seriously if your ever in Baton Rouge eat at Georges)

SEVERAL hours later and SEVERAL "question" games later ( painted babies and shower lit candles??) We arrived in Destin, Florida to start our spring break adventure.

THIS is what we woke up to every morning. Why yes, I am quitting school and becoming a professional beach bum.

Really Spring Break could not have gotten any better.
The first day was all about getting our tan on. Unfortunately some of us, Jana, Slack and I, were a little too committed to the cause and underwent a process referred to as lobsterfication. No seriously I looked like a bright red LOBSTER.

PS. I'm not really sure what possessed me to put a picture of myself in a bikini on my blog BUT I figure my days of bikini wearing are numbered I better use em while they last.
Day 2 consisted of the sleeping in late, lazy pool lounging and the VERY popular "dolphin" cruise.

Here is the 1st picture of all 9 of us!
(Meggy was sick the first day :( )
Our cute little dolphin friends
Brian+Terence+ Justin= BROmance.
this is their j.crew ad. not fair.

Day Three was the perfect combo of beach reading hiding from the sun ( which is especially hard to do in Florida in case you were wondering) the classic and slightly cliche "sunset beach" pictures and dancing the night away to Tom Petty surrounded by SEC swoops.

We put the PARTI in CARDI!!!
one word. brocode...

kick butt Spring Break crew!

… perfect pictures to end a perfect trip

I am pretty sure there is no other way to end this post but with three very inspiring words…

please excuse the hair… us sweet Texas girls weren't quite prepared for the humidity that is Florida.

… now excuse me I must go peel my sunburn.

Please stay turned tomorrow for a saucy and slightly steamy book review of our chosen spring break reading material...


there is this place called the beach...

...and there is no where else I would rather be.

spring break 2011 … no 7th graders, sand between my toes, and wonderful time with my girls…

Destin 2011… recap coming soon


Kisses & Disses: March 3rd

1. AWESOME job interview this morning.
Today I got the great pleasure of interviewing with YES Prep Charter Schools.

"YES Prep Public Schools exists to increase the number of low-income Houstonians who graduate from a four-year college prepared to compete in the global marketplace and committed to improving disadvantaged communities."

I taught a sample lesson to a group of 7th graders. They were seriously some of the most well behaved students I have ever encountered; they even said yes ma'am and please and thank you, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! It was a great reminder that there are students out there who love to learn and know that their education is a gift!

2. Coffee Coffee Coffee!
I had to wake up at 4 am this morning, I seriously had forgotten that 4 am existed and hope I can forget again soon. The saving grace of my four am wake up call was the kick butt cup of coffee I got at the gas station (I was up before Starbucks, or Muldoons, or Mugwalls or Sweet Eugenes PROBLEM!).

3. Barnes & Nobel
( currently where I am sitting)
I wish I could bottle the smell. The end.


1.Houston Traffic
Houston traffic is something that I have only experienced one other time in an ill fated ( for many reasons) trip to the Houston Rodeo last March. This March was no different, unfortunately. I somehow ( through my reallllllly great luck) on the road that had been shut down to one lane because of a toxic gas spill. PUURRFECT!

2. 4 am.
Dear 4 am, you are not cute or funny or wanted. I never want to see you again. The end.

3. Being Early
I am ALWAYS early. I have even tried to be late to places purposely late to places and still managed to show up early. I blame it one of my high school teachers whose motto was
"if you are on time you are late if you are early you are on time"
blast you Mr. Kohel. I was early to my interview by 40 minutes therefore had to awkwardly sit at McDonalds in business causal attire.