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Andy & Katiebeth Installment One

She slowly sipped on her sonic drink during preparations for VBS. We racked our brains for people we could con, ehh I mean bestow the pleasure, of volunteering to run around with elementary school kids for a week. It was the summer, not very many of "college" go-to people were in town. We continued to rack, and rack and rack. Until the elusive eldest son of one of the main church families came to mind. After Andy's name popped into our brain we gushed about how much we adored the rest of his family. His hip mother, his artsy sister and his Justin Beiber look alike brother. Katiebeth looked at me and breathlessly squealed ( like only KatieBeth can do)

Well Katiebeth, you got your wish when Andy slipped this little beauty on your hand!
I just love how much fun this couple is!
I can't wait to close down the streets of Flyodada with yall!
gorge. seriously...
Work it baby. Work it!

Just a little potty humor to tide you over until the next installment


Unknown said...

Congrats Katie Beth! You make an adorable couple.

Donna Keaton

mostly.martha said...

Adorable, wonderful, lovely!! - am i talking about the pictures? the people? or both! thanks 1M, meg