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Black Heels, Tractor Wheels… and the beach.

First of all I am not a math person NOR should I have really been doing math on spring break BUT I think I'm safe with this

7 girls+ several copies of Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels + The Beach= some pretty epic spring break reading.

Claire and I were the first to catch the "pioneer woman" bug. I stayed up for 24 hours ( failing to study for a test, ah what we do for a good book) reading the online version of Ree Drummond's
"the bodice-ripping saga of how [she] met and married [her] husband". I was hooked. Ree's witty portrayal of ranch life, scrumptious recipes, and jaw dropping pictures became (and still is) a daily obsession. It was not uncommon for either my boyfriend or my dad to roll their eyes and ask if dinner had come from my idol her self Pioneer Woman.

When I found out that "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" was available in real ink and paper format it took all my will power not to go out and buy 100 copies.

Spring Break served as the perfect opportunity to put down the 7th grade novels I was previewing and pick up the saucy, steamy, modern day gone-with-the-wind-style real life romance novel that is Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

As I mentioned before… 7 girls, real life romance novel, of course we were swooning. I mean who as a senior in college (heck at any point in life) wouldn't want to meet their "Marlboro Man". Who doesn't want to be pulled from their vehicle at the intersection of two country roads and be kissed, I mean REALLY kissed.

read it. Seriously right now. Get your keys drive to B&N and buy 8 copies RIGHT NOW you won't be sorry.

even the self proclaimed "hater of all black and white printed words" Jana Post read 38 pages because she WANTED to. If that isn't high praise I don't know what is.

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