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Kisses & Disses: March 3rd

1. AWESOME job interview this morning.
Today I got the great pleasure of interviewing with YES Prep Charter Schools.

"YES Prep Public Schools exists to increase the number of low-income Houstonians who graduate from a four-year college prepared to compete in the global marketplace and committed to improving disadvantaged communities."

I taught a sample lesson to a group of 7th graders. They were seriously some of the most well behaved students I have ever encountered; they even said yes ma'am and please and thank you, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! It was a great reminder that there are students out there who love to learn and know that their education is a gift!

2. Coffee Coffee Coffee!
I had to wake up at 4 am this morning, I seriously had forgotten that 4 am existed and hope I can forget again soon. The saving grace of my four am wake up call was the kick butt cup of coffee I got at the gas station (I was up before Starbucks, or Muldoons, or Mugwalls or Sweet Eugenes PROBLEM!).

3. Barnes & Nobel
( currently where I am sitting)
I wish I could bottle the smell. The end.


1.Houston Traffic
Houston traffic is something that I have only experienced one other time in an ill fated ( for many reasons) trip to the Houston Rodeo last March. This March was no different, unfortunately. I somehow ( through my reallllllly great luck) on the road that had been shut down to one lane because of a toxic gas spill. PUURRFECT!

2. 4 am.
Dear 4 am, you are not cute or funny or wanted. I never want to see you again. The end.

3. Being Early
I am ALWAYS early. I have even tried to be late to places purposely late to places and still managed to show up early. I blame it one of my high school teachers whose motto was
"if you are on time you are late if you are early you are on time"
blast you Mr. Kohel. I was early to my interview by 40 minutes therefore had to awkwardly sit at McDonalds in business causal attire.

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