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Spring Break 2k11

Lately there has been nothing to blog about, or well I feel like there has been nothing to blog about. Wake Up (in the morning feeling like p.diddy?), teach, plan, eat (maybe), sleep, lather… rinse.. repeat. I feel like I should stop and thank you for enduring my shameless Ke$ha plug. Thankfully there was a break in the monotony. Her name was Spring Break and she couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

We headed out of town in two cars a "Shreveport Car" and a "Texas Car" ( clearly one of these vehicles was the superior vehicle, i'll let you decided which one :) ) After hitting some ridiculous Baton Rouge spring break traffic and almost having to pee in the swamp lands we arrived in Baton Rouge. We met up with some LSU friends and eat to the most scrumptious shrimp po-boy evahhh ( seriously if your ever in Baton Rouge eat at Georges)

SEVERAL hours later and SEVERAL "question" games later ( painted babies and shower lit candles??) We arrived in Destin, Florida to start our spring break adventure.

THIS is what we woke up to every morning. Why yes, I am quitting school and becoming a professional beach bum.

Really Spring Break could not have gotten any better.
The first day was all about getting our tan on. Unfortunately some of us, Jana, Slack and I, were a little too committed to the cause and underwent a process referred to as lobsterfication. No seriously I looked like a bright red LOBSTER.

PS. I'm not really sure what possessed me to put a picture of myself in a bikini on my blog BUT I figure my days of bikini wearing are numbered I better use em while they last.
Day 2 consisted of the sleeping in late, lazy pool lounging and the VERY popular "dolphin" cruise.

Here is the 1st picture of all 9 of us!
(Meggy was sick the first day :( )
Our cute little dolphin friends
Brian+Terence+ Justin= BROmance.
this is their j.crew ad. not fair.

Day Three was the perfect combo of beach reading hiding from the sun ( which is especially hard to do in Florida in case you were wondering) the classic and slightly cliche "sunset beach" pictures and dancing the night away to Tom Petty surrounded by SEC swoops.

We put the PARTI in CARDI!!!
one word. brocode...

kick butt Spring Break crew!

… perfect pictures to end a perfect trip

I am pretty sure there is no other way to end this post but with three very inspiring words…

please excuse the hair… us sweet Texas girls weren't quite prepared for the humidity that is Florida.

… now excuse me I must go peel my sunburn.

Please stay turned tomorrow for a saucy and slightly steamy book review of our chosen spring break reading material...

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Brentsie, I still want our painted baby.