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Zach & Steph: Love was Brewed

if you read this post or this post you know my two of my best friends are getting hitched!

Last night we got celebrated the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Reeh
(that was really weird to write)

The theme of the night was "love is brewing". We got to see some love brewing as well as some coffee, and tea… and some beer ( I mean I guess that is brewing too).

The sweet couple that is 70ish days away from being MARRIED!
ahhmazingly delish Apple Apricot Coffee Cake
the opening of gifts begins, it was Zach's turn to partake in the awkwardness that is opening shower gifts.
Apparently this has something to do with this
(omg there is even a SONG!)
Tissue paper fun!
Shut Up love this face.

…and this is why I love them!

she looks so in love with him in this picture, so sweet!


Best Man!

Thank you sweet friends for coming to celebrate Zach & Stephanie and their love! I know that they were overwhelmed by the blessings you bring to their lives.

next step in celebrating the wedding … THE BACHELORETTE PARTY stay tuned its going to be a party.

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