Royal Wedding Recap

Gushing… truly GUSHING.
I have LOVED, obsessed, and watched EVERY moment of Royal wedding coverage.
Now that it has happened lets discuss the most important part… What everyone WORE…duh!

Princesses Euginie & Beatrice:
Really girls, you have access to the best of what London, heck the WHOLE WORLD, has to offer and THIS is what you pick. Twitter was blowing up with comparisons between you and Cinderella's ugly step sisters… I can't say I disagree.
My dad asked why she had antlers on her head… I think that sums up how I (and probably the rest of the world feels)

Grade: F- (or can I give them a H for horrific)

Zara Phillips:
BIG FAN! She looks modern and sleek! The dark silver was a great choice complimented her skin tone as well as her hair color! I LOVED the hat, great balance of formality and fun!

Grade: A-

Carol Middleton:
Her light blue suite was the PERFECT Mother of the Bride outfit. Can you imagine the pressure to find THAT mother of the bride dress! I think her most important accessory was her pride! You can really tell how proud she is of her daughter!

Grade: A+
David & Victoria Beckham:
The critics didn't like Victorias outfit but I say give the girl a break. She is preggo! I think the color was great on her! I would have done a fuller hat for her and that outfit. Other than that leave her alone peeps!
David looked quite dapper in his morning coat and top hat. You can't complain about a man in a top hat :)

Grade: V: B+
D: A+
Prince Harry!
SWOON. He was my favorite part of the wedding ( other than the actual wedding). I tweeted that he said to Will as Kate was walking down the aisle ""wait til you see her." Harry you are precious! He looked stunning in his military dress! So dapper… I also just loved his cheeky personality. I'll take Harry any-day! I can't wait to hear how his "Wedding Survivors Breakfast" goes!
Grade: A+++

Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles:
Camilla has grown into her own as part of the royal family. Usually she comes to Royal appearances DRIPPING in diamonds, but she toned it down considerably for the wedding (thank God she didn't upstage the Bride in the jewel department). She did look very age appropriate and regal in her two-tone suite, impressive Duchess!
Prince Charles regal, dapper, prince like what else can you say about the future King of England!
Grade C: A-
PC: A+
Chelsea Davies:
Oh Chelsea… on-again, off-again? Hopefully off again so I can have a chance with Harry :). I am not in love with this outfit but I do enjoy the color and the idea of the fascinator. She has such a cute figure, but I don't believe this was the best choice for her. Hopefully her party dress for tonight is more "Chelsea" fun, colorful and flirty!
Grade: C

James Middleton:
Dear James, YOU MOM IS GOING TO KILL YOU for not fixing your tie! Not only is this your sisters wedding (which is broadcasted ACROSS THE PLANET) but you were the only family member royal or not that participated directly in the ceremony … FIX YOUR TIE. You are really cute though so I guess its ok :)

Grade: B
Pippa Middleton:
The End.

Grade: A+++

can we also discuss the super cute flower girls, what a cool memory for them.
Queen Elizabeth:
She looks so happy! So Bright, so festive! She is so impressive. The story of her dresser is such a rags to riches story and so inspiring! The announcers credited her dresser with the "modernization" of the queen.

Grade: A

and the piece de resistance!

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge: William and Catherine

Some critics are saying that her dress aged her and was "not modern enough". I could not disagree more. Channeling Grace Kelly she was timeless and demure. She could not have picked a more appropriate dress to maker her entrance into the royal family.
Her choice of Sara Burton of the House of Alexander McQueen was such a lovely nod to the British influence of fashion on the world.
Prince William looked so handsome and in love, everything that a groom prince should be.

Grade: K: A+++
W: A+++

My favorite part of the service

The Archbishop during the service opened up his service saying that
" every wedding is a royal wedding because we are all subjects of a king".
I just loved that! In all the hoopla of the wedding I hope everyone remembers that marriage is first and foremost a commitment between two people and GOD. I truly hope Will and Kate always remember that!


Middle School Jackpot

I save everything.
(my mom says I am a hoarder in training, I say I am nostalgic)
but today that saving paid off.
Today I hit the middle school jackpot… or rather a jackpot from middle school.
I was cleaning out my closet today and found this…

this is no ordinary jar, you see this jar contains juicy secrets from 2000-2003

Our worlds revolved around these sheets of loose leaf paper. Our crushes, our drama, our sacred bonds of friendship were all contained neatly in-between the light blue lines. If it were up to middle school girls all the worlds problems could be solved with colored pens and loose leaf paper.

Some of them funny…er scratch that DOWN RIGHT HILARIOUS, and some of them serious but all of them from a place of teenage angst that you
cant help but look back and remember fondly.

Lets just discuss the awesomeness:

The anatomy of a double friend note! How special!

I'm not really sure how we passed middle school with the amount of note writing we did!

I think this one is my favorite… I'm sure glad I saved it… ya know for those "no-one-loves-me" days. I can always pull this out and remind my self that a 13 old boy DID at one point like me… A LOT apparently… I did not reciprocate in case you were wondering :)

The goofy nick-names that I have NO CLUE how we got :)

and the BEST FIND EVER… an AIM conversation…ahh 2002 sometimes I miss you!
(ps can we please discuss not only my screen name but the UpPerCaSe/LoWeRcAse awesomeness, geez I was SO cool!)

To the senders of theses notes. 8+ years later, ups and downs alike I am still eternally grateful that you came in my life. You made middle school bearable. Watching my 7th and 8th graders from student teaching go through the middle school term oil it made truly thankful for the silly nick names, the stupid fights, the late night talks about boys and the friendship you provided over the "most socially influential years in a young persons life" to quote one of my teacher books.



This is my "baby" brother. At 6'3 he isn't really a baby but when he interrupted my reign as queen of the house in 1992 he lost all rights to pick his own nick name .

This is my other baby brother. This brother is not biological but still 10+ years of life as next door neighbors trumps pesky DNA.

Its hard to believe that these two knuckle heads who spent so many hours beating each other up, causing commotion in their 4th grade class (who ever put these two in the same class clearly had a vendetta out for that teacher) and building tree forts can be high school seniors.

To say taking their senior pictures was an adventure is an understatement.

We went from the traditional ….

to the VERY UNtraditional…

Happy Senior Year boys!


Andy & Katiebeth Installment two

The day had all the makings of a perfect storm of awful; traffic, work, school. Nothing was going right. We drove down the twisted back road filled with barbed wire fence after barbed wire fence. All looking especially barbed, screaming "Don't you even think about entering". I couldn't help but noticing the parallels to the love I was about to capture. Sometimes on the road of love the barbed wire fences are inevitable.

We drove and drove feeling immensely unlucky. Until Andy spotted a rusted chain barely holding a fence together. With one swift move we were in to the once unreachable land. Despite the cliche, I knew this is how KB felt about Andy. He was her rusted chain on the barbed wire fence. All the other potential locations looked perfect but just wasn't "the" place. That rusted chain was the thing that made this location different. The thing that made this place "the one"

KatieBeth & Andy-- I hope when you look at these pictures they will remind you of this day. The rejection from all the other land that looked suitable but was just not right. Remember that this is where we were supposed to be and you two are where you are supposed to be.

and seriously can we talk about this YUMMY LIGHT!!!