Andy & Katiebeth Installment two

The day had all the makings of a perfect storm of awful; traffic, work, school. Nothing was going right. We drove down the twisted back road filled with barbed wire fence after barbed wire fence. All looking especially barbed, screaming "Don't you even think about entering". I couldn't help but noticing the parallels to the love I was about to capture. Sometimes on the road of love the barbed wire fences are inevitable.

We drove and drove feeling immensely unlucky. Until Andy spotted a rusted chain barely holding a fence together. With one swift move we were in to the once unreachable land. Despite the cliche, I knew this is how KB felt about Andy. He was her rusted chain on the barbed wire fence. All the other potential locations looked perfect but just wasn't "the" place. That rusted chain was the thing that made this location different. The thing that made this place "the one"

KatieBeth & Andy-- I hope when you look at these pictures they will remind you of this day. The rejection from all the other land that looked suitable but was just not right. Remember that this is where we were supposed to be and you two are where you are supposed to be.

and seriously can we talk about this YUMMY LIGHT!!!

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mostly.martha said...

# 7...oh my, how beautiful. Thanks meg.