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Middle School Jackpot

I save everything.
(my mom says I am a hoarder in training, I say I am nostalgic)
but today that saving paid off.
Today I hit the middle school jackpot… or rather a jackpot from middle school.
I was cleaning out my closet today and found this…

this is no ordinary jar, you see this jar contains juicy secrets from 2000-2003

Our worlds revolved around these sheets of loose leaf paper. Our crushes, our drama, our sacred bonds of friendship were all contained neatly in-between the light blue lines. If it were up to middle school girls all the worlds problems could be solved with colored pens and loose leaf paper.

Some of them funny…er scratch that DOWN RIGHT HILARIOUS, and some of them serious but all of them from a place of teenage angst that you
cant help but look back and remember fondly.

Lets just discuss the awesomeness:

The anatomy of a double friend note! How special!

I'm not really sure how we passed middle school with the amount of note writing we did!

I think this one is my favorite… I'm sure glad I saved it… ya know for those "no-one-loves-me" days. I can always pull this out and remind my self that a 13 old boy DID at one point like me… A LOT apparently… I did not reciprocate in case you were wondering :)

The goofy nick-names that I have NO CLUE how we got :)

and the BEST FIND EVER… an AIM conversation…ahh 2002 sometimes I miss you!
(ps can we please discuss not only my screen name but the UpPerCaSe/LoWeRcAse awesomeness, geez I was SO cool!)

To the senders of theses notes. 8+ years later, ups and downs alike I am still eternally grateful that you came in my life. You made middle school bearable. Watching my 7th and 8th graders from student teaching go through the middle school term oil it made truly thankful for the silly nick names, the stupid fights, the late night talks about boys and the friendship you provided over the "most socially influential years in a young persons life" to quote one of my teacher books.

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