I'm just a big fan of you..

I haven't blogged about graduation it just hasn't hit me. I can't face it yet… maybe tomorrow, maybe.
BUT… As long as I am ignoring recent events I just wanna give a shout out to the people who have made my four years simply splendid.

Basically I am blessed.
(in no particular order)
I've got Rita and Jana and KatieBeth and Stephanie and Allyson and Tory and Amy.
(don't expect this to be sentimental… well maybe at the end)

First there is Rita.
Rita was one of my first friends in college. I could write a whole blog about the adventures we have had… like that time where we slept in her car on top of the parking garage cause we got locked out of the dorms, classic.

Then there is Jana.
One of my crazy teacher friends. We are bi-state-al. Technically I am a Texan and she is a Louisianan (is that even a word? ah whatever) but sometimes I think we get confused and I can't tell if we are both Texan or both Louisianan or have swapped roles completely. Truthfully I wouldn't want to be residency-confused with anybody else.
(shout-out: Jana wins matchmaker of the year award, she is the reason I met boyfriend. There Janster its in writing now, you win!)

OH and then there is Katiebeth or KB or KBC or the soon to be KBB
(omg that totally sounded like a rap, somebody get usher on the phone!)
Theses are my confessions, one time I hated her (ANOTHER USHER REFERENCE who am I??)
But no really at one point I really didn't like her, I refer to those as the "lost times". It doesn't
matter now cause I STINKIN love her. There was this one time that we bonded over Home Depot, and foam board and how rope isn't hard.

Then there is Stephanie.
The first time I met Stephanie she was wearing a sheer black blouse... it was from target, slight flare jeans (oh 2007 I miss you and your slight flare jeans), black pumps and a black clutch. Please don't ask me how I remember all of this… its just a gift and bonus it freaks Stephanie out that I can remember what she was wearing. She is getting married to my boy-best-friend (he's not included because this is a NO BOYS ALLOWED post) but when their powers combine its like having a super-best friend like the crime fighting, spandex wearing kind.
Allyson, Allyson, Allyson…
She rounds out the crazy teacher friend group. I wasn't friends
with Allyson until my sophomore year in college although I did know her freshman year. In fact this one time I stayed at her house and slept in her sisters bed… is that CREEPY? We bonded over our love hate relationship with gangster-hoodlum 7th graders… you should hear us swap stories! And then there was this one time that we wanted to go eat at Cafe Express in Mobil, AL and we ended up at jail… please note I wrote AT jail not IN jail.

and then we have Tory.
There once was a girl named Tory and we lived together and I laughed A LOT and then I laughed some more and then some more. One time I walked in our house and her and her boyfriend were doing yoga in tie-dyed spandex… seriously guys I CANT EVEN MAKE THIS STUFF UP!
One time I went to borrow something to wear and I couldn't find anything solid…the girl owns NOTHING SOLID, who are you Tory Cobern!? I mean I love you but WHO ARE YOU!? :)
Last but not least there is Mama Amy.
I call mama Amy "mama Amy" cause she is a mama …which is weird. She has a baby boy his name is Tred and he is really super-duper cute so I guess its ok that she is a mama. One time she launched my photography career by being a really gorgeous bride. She also lives too far away to start a commune and that is sad, very sad.

there is also this group of my girlies ^^ we have traveled together, studied (the Bible and class) together, and swayed to Vitamin C together and I am very thankful for you all.

Im all seriousness you lovely ladies each had a crucial role in the path the Lord placed me on in college. I am eternally grateful for your friendship. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it all!


Guy+ Sarah= LOVE

He would sweetly lean over in-between shots and whisper something into her ear. The smile that spread across her face as he whispered was the smile of a girl in uninhibited love. Watching the moments in-between with Sarah and Guy was a testament to the love that the Lord has placed in their hearts for one another gentle yet powerful, sincere, and unconditional.

I looked around at the abandoned parking garage the three of us were standing in; broken windows, discarded beer cans, peeling paint. I was struck by the unavoidable contrast. A building that had been warped and weathered by the harshness of the world around it and a beautiful couple who’s love would bring beauty and light to the world.

Sarah and Guy I hope that when you look at these pictures you remember that yall brought beauty to the broken and light to the darkness and that your love and your marriage will do the same!

This is just a FEW of the pictures we took… I'm really indecisive and couldn't pick just 15 to show yall. Sorry to have to bombard you with the awesomeness that is this couple, hey come on there are worse things in this world...right :)

goodness this couple is just so much fun!

see right there… that smile!
work it out!

I texted Sarah a few nights before I got to Shreveport just to check on things. She told me she had been working on her model poses, boy she wasn't kidding… WORK IT!

I am in love with theses doors…
but seriously
in L-O-V-E
with these doors.

This is Guy… he'll be in the next issue of GQ.

ahh a lovely moment in-between...

I loved meeting and working with you too! Congratulations!!


Jordan + Rachel= LOVE

Every Aggie has a Midnight Yell story (its linked to the traditions page at A&M for any of you non-ags out there). Some midnight yell stories become amusing anecdotes and some end in diamond rings. The latter is the case for this adorable couple, Rachel and Jordan.

Rachel and I were (woah, look at that PAST TENSE) both education majors at A&M. We really got to know each other when I decided it would be a great idea to take a dance class to fulfill my kinesiology credit--it wasn't, but that is another story for another time.

As Rachel danced beautifully and I attempted to I would hear stories about Jordan and chit chat about the future like most girls do. Always figuring that they would be getting married AND now they ARE!! Rachel has always been a HUGE support in my photography (words can't explain how much that has meant to me) so I was honored when she asked me to take their engagement pictures.

These are just A FEW of the pictures we took today… Rach--there are like a 100 coming your wayok there are really 95… were history teachers we don't do numbers…unless its dates :) … yall were just too gorge to be contained in my typical 40 e-shots!

The bling!!
I called this their "we're getting married shot" I don't know why I just did…although technically I think all these pictures and supposed to be their "we're getting married shot"

…and there is the inner teacher coming out!
why yes, that does say May 21st… so like in a WEEK!!!! eeekkk!

I LOVE… LOVE… L-O-V-E this gate!
sun shiney, yummy, golden, delicious light is my favorite!!!

same shot different perspectives-- So much LOVE!

umm hi, yall are really cute...

Congratulations Jordan & Rachel!