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Guy+ Sarah= LOVE

He would sweetly lean over in-between shots and whisper something into her ear. The smile that spread across her face as he whispered was the smile of a girl in uninhibited love. Watching the moments in-between with Sarah and Guy was a testament to the love that the Lord has placed in their hearts for one another gentle yet powerful, sincere, and unconditional.

I looked around at the abandoned parking garage the three of us were standing in; broken windows, discarded beer cans, peeling paint. I was struck by the unavoidable contrast. A building that had been warped and weathered by the harshness of the world around it and a beautiful couple who’s love would bring beauty and light to the world.

Sarah and Guy I hope that when you look at these pictures you remember that yall brought beauty to the broken and light to the darkness and that your love and your marriage will do the same!

This is just a FEW of the pictures we took… I'm really indecisive and couldn't pick just 15 to show yall. Sorry to have to bombard you with the awesomeness that is this couple, hey come on there are worse things in this world...right :)

goodness this couple is just so much fun!

see right there… that smile!
work it out!

I texted Sarah a few nights before I got to Shreveport just to check on things. She told me she had been working on her model poses, boy she wasn't kidding… WORK IT!

I am in love with theses doors…
but seriously
in L-O-V-E
with these doors.

This is Guy… he'll be in the next issue of GQ.

ahh a lovely moment in-between...

I loved meeting and working with you too! Congratulations!!

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