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Jordan + Rachel= LOVE

Every Aggie has a Midnight Yell story (its linked to the traditions page at A&M for any of you non-ags out there). Some midnight yell stories become amusing anecdotes and some end in diamond rings. The latter is the case for this adorable couple, Rachel and Jordan.

Rachel and I were (woah, look at that PAST TENSE) both education majors at A&M. We really got to know each other when I decided it would be a great idea to take a dance class to fulfill my kinesiology credit--it wasn't, but that is another story for another time.

As Rachel danced beautifully and I attempted to I would hear stories about Jordan and chit chat about the future like most girls do. Always figuring that they would be getting married AND now they ARE!! Rachel has always been a HUGE support in my photography (words can't explain how much that has meant to me) so I was honored when she asked me to take their engagement pictures.

These are just A FEW of the pictures we took today… Rach--there are like a 100 coming your wayok there are really 95… were history teachers we don't do numbers…unless its dates :) … yall were just too gorge to be contained in my typical 40 e-shots!

The bling!!
I called this their "we're getting married shot" I don't know why I just did…although technically I think all these pictures and supposed to be their "we're getting married shot"

…and there is the inner teacher coming out!
why yes, that does say May 21st… so like in a WEEK!!!! eeekkk!

I LOVE… LOVE… L-O-V-E this gate!
sun shiney, yummy, golden, delicious light is my favorite!!!

same shot different perspectives-- So much LOVE!

umm hi, yall are really cute...

Congratulations Jordan & Rachel!

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