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A Look Back: Dunko-de-Mayo

I graduate in a week-ish. Excuse me while I pinch myself. PINCH, yep unfortunately this is reality. Over the next few days I will be looking back at my wonderful time in Aggieland starting with…


One of the best traditions for an Aggie is the Aggie Ring. One of the funnest "non official" Aggie traditions is the ring dunk. It goes a little something like this…
1. get your ring..WHOOP!
2. get a pitcher of your favorite drink…or drannnnk.
3. Plop your ring in.
4. Drink till you reach your ring.

In my world cinco-de-mayo will always be affectionately known as Dunko-de-mayo!

Cookie cake modeling the bling!

Meagan, Allyson, Emily, Me, Jana and Emily being good "gig-ing" Aggies!

Here are our "drinks". The traditional drink of choice is beer, but some took a thematic approach :)
Although this is a very fun tradition you really only do it once half way through your pitcher it is VERY clear why you only do it once.

My wonderful friends that came to watch me guzzle more liquid than anyone should in the corse of a few seconds… or minutes in my case.

Yeah so not all of it ended up in my mouth… ;)

This is my dear dear friend Harry (he will get his own post later this summer). Harry is from Australia. I am proud to day that my ring dunk was his baptism into Aggie traditions!

A year later our 6 rings have seen smiles and tears, christmas', birthday's, and vacations. They have gotten us through several rounds of finals, and been recognized around the world. Our rings will see a lot more in our lifetime but we will always have a special connection because at 7:11pm on May 5, 2010 we dropped our rings into pitchers and drank until we were sick.

Isn't being an Aggie the BEST?!?

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