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bad blogger.

errr… i've been a coma all summer? errr… I've been working on a cure for cancer?
OK, OK enough with the excuses summer has been INCREDIBLY busy and stressful so lets just jump in.

1. My best friends got married!

June 11, 2011
Zach and Steph
anie Reeh

August 13,2011
Andrew and KatieBeth Bruxvoort

2. I semi-stalked school districts until one of them gave me a job.
( this is a BIG part of why you didn't hear much from me this summer. TRUST me no one wanted to talk to me about potentially not having a job come August 22)

3. My stalking paid off!
I got a teaching job!!! Woo Hoo!!
I couldn't be happier to be a 6th grade Writing teacher at Kemp Jr. High in Kemp, Tx
(Stay tuned for classroom updates!)
I am so excited to start school on Monday, I truly know that this is where God has me in this season of my life!

Between weddings, working and stalking that pretty much sums up my summer, exciting right?!

I promise that I will actually blog though my first year of teaching ( partially because I am making my 6th graders blog!)


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