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KatieBeth {texas bridal photographer}

One of the biggest joys of my life is getting to spend quality time with my dear-close-bestest friends. Add a white dress ahhhhmazing light and the fact that KB and I closely resemble Peanut better and Jelly and this is what you get…

{360 bridge austin, tx}

when kb saw this picture the first words out of her mouth were "i'm pretty, i'm really pretty". Then I called her Sally Fields. (ok ok I may not have said that but I should have… story-of-my-life--meg ryan and I all we want is the perfect come back! sheesh)
Now remember who you are dealing with here … yep here it is THE story…
{katiebeth and meg pull up the the BOAT LAUNCH, yes that is correct we shot at a boat launch… I am my fathers daughter!}
Rando Fisherman: " I didn't know we were going formal today!"
KB: " I hear you catch more fish this way!"

{downtown austin}


happy 1 month anniversary to the Bruxvoorts!
as always thank you for letting me capture these precious moments!

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mostly.martha said...

How beautiful is our girl and your photos of her? I want to make an album... have just three weeks before my Picaboo coupon expires... can you send me a CD or can I send you a memory stick and you can return to me with photos? If so, send me your address on FB message. THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL MEG!