Oh! How PINTRESTing!

My love for pintrest is never ending. Its the perfect relationship it gives ideas, I swoon… and possibly actually attempt…

I have linked up with Vintage Apple for some pintrest lovin'!

I fell like 12 year olds would learn better if I was wearing either outfit… in fact I am almost positive of that. 

besides Michael Kors said that leggings/tights were out so I feel like I really need to squeeze ever moment I can out of them before i become "that" teacher… ya know the jean jumper in 2011 teacher. 
 well I did it! I actually made something that I pinned
{Pretzel Cookies} and {fetta and pesto poached salmon} 

 I want NEED to make these! What perfect Christmas gifts! 
(ps. if you get this for Christmas act surprised… k good)

I just got my hair cut like this… obsessssssedddd. 
How festive! I want to do this REALLY REALLY badly… now to convince the librarian.  

now to go find more projects for Thanksgiving break! 


{tales from rm. 106 no. 2}

Middle school is awkward. If KIDS say the sc things than PRE-TEENS say the most awkward. Examples are as follows:

"i love you're new hair cut, it's makes you look a lot older ... Like my grandma!" -- 23 going on 80?!? Apparently

" I love hair, you're really pretty, just like me!!" --so glad we are instilling self confidence

"if you need a good psychologist my moms going to a new one in Dallas this weekend I'll let you know how it goes"---I mean I knew they were driving me crazy just not THAT crazy.

(as I am eating a cookie) "Miss Scholz should you be on a diet?" ---UMMM EXCUSE MEEEEE???

For all the awkward moment I do get sweet ones like

I'm so blessed to have lovelies that I can love with and laugh with. Even with "diet" comments I still have the BEST JOB IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!
E d


Its Simple Math Really!

I haven't gotten a regular pay check since December 2010. 

All I have to say about that is 
THANK YOU LORD I got though that time AND I have the best family in the world

One of the perks of a big girl job is a big girl pay check!

If you know me at all you know I am ridiculously sentimental. My ridiculous need for sentiment and love of "firsts" I wanted my "first" purchase with my big girl pay check to be something that I could not only remember forever but something that was fun. 

enter my beautiful, amazing, lovely 


Outfit inspiration for my new lovelies!

I may or may not have already apologized to my students for the fact they will see these boots 2 times a week from now until February! I mean its basic shoe math!

price of shoe ÷ times worn = actual price



i love instagram.
like i really, really, really love instagram.

here are some (and when i say some i mean a lot) highlights of the last few weeks… OK months, though the lens of my iPhone.

{college station: my cute boy friend tailgating on his cute little grill}

{kyle field, college station: THIS is home}

{kemp jr. high: my first apple from a student. best students EVER}

{kemp jr. high: flu shot= sucker}

{tyler tx: Aaron Watson!..i have no idea why this is this size}

{kemp jr. high: homecoming in a small town… BEST time of year!}

{kemp jr. high: What Would Superman Do? A lesson on Prepositions!}

{kemp jr. high: umm… well apparently i am channeling my inner Snookie for our fairytale unit}

{kemp tx: my $5 flea market find!}


{kemp jr. high: halloween 2011: Goldielocks}

{san antonio tx: last picture with bubba in our old house :( }

{keatchie louisiana: keatchie umc for mason&bethany's engagements}

{kemp jr. high: bring it on 6th period… BRING. IT. ON}

{kemp jr. high: seriously love my 8th period girls!}

Once in a Century.

11.11.11 @ 11:11 am: Test time in rm. 106.
{i did stop them after i took the picture, so they too, could remember this fun moment}

I am a sucker for sentimental moments.
11.11.11 @ 11:11
Not sure if that qualifies as a "sentimental" moment BUT it was cool to stop and note what I was doing at this moment that happens once a century.

I am linking up to Dear Lizzy for her 11.11.11 photo challenge.


Bethany & Mason {louisiana engagement photographer}

The fact that he got new shoes for the event proves his love for her.
The fact that she wore camo proves her love for him.
Their worlds blended in the early November morning light.
Against the backdrop of simplicity of a tiny town their love seemed gigantic.
Seemed like it could take on the world. And I would bet on it, I would bet on Bethany and Mason changing the world with their love of Jesus and each other.

{keatchie umc-- keatchie, louisiana}

{new caney, louisiana}

{the mason pictures}
"I think we are going to start a trend in engagement pictures"-mason.