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{tales from rm. 106 no. 2}

Middle school is awkward. If KIDS say the sc things than PRE-TEENS say the most awkward. Examples are as follows:

"i love you're new hair cut, it's makes you look a lot older ... Like my grandma!" -- 23 going on 80?!? Apparently

" I love hair, you're really pretty, just like me!!" --so glad we are instilling self confidence

"if you need a good psychologist my moms going to a new one in Dallas this weekend I'll let you know how it goes"---I mean I knew they were driving me crazy just not THAT crazy.

(as I am eating a cookie) "Miss Scholz should you be on a diet?" ---UMMM EXCUSE MEEEEE???

For all the awkward moment I do get sweet ones like

I'm so blessed to have lovelies that I can love with and laugh with. Even with "diet" comments I still have the BEST JOB IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!
E d

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