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Canton Texas, A Crafters Paradise.

When I moved to my tiny town I was pleased to find out that is was only 20 mins. away from a crafters paradise, Canton, TX.

If you are unfamiliar with Canton First Monday  let me explain it this way

etsy, pintrest, your grandmothers house and a flea market … they all had a baby and it was called Canton First Mondays.

Bethany and I, after figuring out that we shared the same brain, strapped on our walking shoes and out haggling strategies and hit the ground running. 

You will be hearing about my finds over the next few blog posts but I wanted to start with my

Super Duper Fabulous...

Vintage Drawer Re-Mix
(insert cheesy remix music here)

Although I didn't find this vintage map in Canton it needed a home

14X16 Section of a vintage map
 (or any other fun treasure you may have picked up in your travels)

I picked this beauty  in the "flea market/grandma's house" part of Canton.

14X16 Desk Drawer

Crafter essentials. 

Tape Measure, Scissors, Hot glue gun

1. Cut the map to size 
2. Tack the map into the bottom of the drawer
(I just lightly tacked in the 4 corners incase I feel like swapping out the background at some point. What can I say, Im a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind.) 

  WAH-LA! You have a Super Duper Fabulous Vintage Drawer Remix

I chose to display my new baby. She's purttyyyy aint she!
I'm glad I get to give her a new home.

Despite my Canton Elbow
 (the ache of ones elbow after hauling your treasures all over the park)
And Canton Knee
( the ache of ones knee caused by the wearing of rain boots while walking around for 6 hours)

I came home with treasures and inspiration GALORE. GA-LOR I tell you!!

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