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Christmas Eve Tradition: Pizza Hut

It was 30 years ago. I didn't exist, my brother didn't exist.

It was 1981 and my mom and dad were newly weds and couldn't go home to Virginia for Christmas.

My dad wanted to be sweet, so he decided to take my mom out for a nice Christmas Eve dinner.

There was a problem a teeny-tiny problem. They lived in a teeny-tiny town. The only restaurant open was Pizza Hut.

And right there in that tiny Missouri town my family's greatest tradition was born; Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve dinner.

EVERY YEAR, literally EVERY year we have gone to Pizza Hut for Christmas Eve Dinner. 
No matter what state. 
No matter who was sick, 1997 was tough. 
No matter the weather; rain, sleet, snow, just call us USPS.
No matter what time we have to eat… aka 4:30 dinner this year. 

This year was no different.

Merry Christmas Eve from The Scholz family… and Pizza Hut. 

1 comment:

Jess said...

This is so so cute!
I love quirky Christmas traditions more than anything :)