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Crafty Girl: DIY Monogramed Tumbler

I have an obsession with ANYTHING monogramed. 
In my move I somehow lost my monogramed tumbler :( 

I recently purchased 6- 3" monogramed decals (in a groupon type deal). 
While brain storming what to do with all of my newly acquired monograms I spotted a clear tumbler for $3 at wal-mart. BINGO!
It was like the heavens opened up and the DIY gods shown their light. 

Warning: This craft is so easy that its like magic. Be prepared to be amazed at your crafty abilities. 

1. Clear plastic insulated tumbler found here (they sell them individually in the store)
1. 2-3" vinyl monogram decal found here or a million other places on etsy
1 bobby-pin ( not pictured)

Yeah guys thats 

 peal the decal away from the thick paper backing away from the actual monogram.

 Place the decal in the center of the smooth part of the tumbler
Rub the monogram with the bobby pin to make sure all the edges are secure.

(ummmm also please excuse my poorly painted thumb…oops)

SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY peal away the backing to reveal your monogram.

Wahhhh-la! You have your very own monogramed tumbler for 1/3 the cost of EVERYONE I have seen EVER! 

These would be perfect gifts for the girls in your life, christmas gifts? Bridesmaids gifts? teacher gifts? or pretty much any other occasion you could think of! 

Happy DIY-ing! 

(please feel free to give me feed back on my first full out DIY project on the blog!)


Kara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely doing this this weekend!

Unknown said...

Where did you purchase the lid for the tumbler? I found the cups but no lids!

Connie said...

Two questions:
Does the monogram ever come off?
How do you wash it so it doesn't??

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Great Idea especailly with the holidays coming up!!