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HIgh Five Friday!

I am linking up with From My Grey Desk for HIGH Five Friday!
I love this idea. I love looking back over the top 5 things from my week. 
When you are a teacher you learn really fast that the Highs are really High and the lows are REALLY low. 

I like looking back. 

Here are my HIGH Five!

5. The Lightbulb effect. 
When I was in college there was all this talk about the "light bulb effect". Its the moment when your students start to "get it". Tuesday I was having a terrible day one of those low lows and then it happened a HUGH light bulb moment.
Thank You Jesus. 

4. Hubble and Hudson
Hubble and Hudson is a Gourmet Grocery Store in Houston I could walk around for HOURS. There is truly nothing better than soft ripened cheese and whole bean coffee. Reese and I left with lots of samples in our bellies and a nice bottle of possibly obscure wine. Happy Girl! 

I spent the weekend in Houston with Reese.

3. Skeet Shooting. 
The actual shooting was not my favorite part nor a high five in my week BUT spending time with Reese doing something he loves WAS. He shoot neon colored clay out of the sky for two hours… I held the bullets. Then he humored me with a trip to Hobby Lobby where he proceeded not to open his mouth once. Compromise is a wonderful thing. 

There are several things I love about Christmas.  First and foremost being Jesus being born… DUH. A close second to the obvious first is 


 and gaining 5 pounds per day by eating the cookies my students bring my and I feel obligated to eat. 

Annnnnddd drum roll please
My No. 1 high five for this week isssssssss

1. My Text book tree.
I decided to Christmas-fy my classroom to make taking finals seem a little less grim. This is what I came up with a CHRISTMAS tree made out of TEXTBOOKS. I am obsessed.

Happy Friday!
What are yours high fives from this week?


Lauren said...

love it! thanks for linking up!

Jessica said...

love the text book Christmas tree….total cuteness!