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HIgh Five No. 4

My fourth addition to High Five Friday over at 
is vacation themed and it is glorious if I do say so myself.

5. Deal of the DECADE… heck maybe CENTURY 
 I went shopping in downtown Bluffton with my mom and happened upon the most precious vintage shop. I had been looking for a belt for my NYE outfit and thought a vintage touch would be perfect … I headed straight for the belts when the owner intercepted me with a bin of 50% off belts and in this bin was this baby 

a real circa 1970 Ralph Lauren Lizard belt retial $600… I paid $22.


 I will never take it off again. 

4. Superior Queso.
Superior Grill is a kick butt Mexican restaurant in Shreveport, LA. I could eat their queso for days and be completely fine. From the moment it touched my lips I was determined to learn how to make it. Trial 1 was at Reese's family christmas definitely a decent batch, but some tweaking was necessary.  Attempt 2 I can confidently say I nailed it!. 

Recipe and steps are another blog!
YOU will love me for it… your HIPS, on the other hand, might not talk to me for a while. 

3. Trivia Night. 
Our family friends the Meyerkords also were in Hilton Head for the holidays . Tuesday night we headed out to the Mellow Mushroom for their weekly trivia night. 
(can we please discuss how I look like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, all I need is a yellow brick road!) 
YAY family fun!

2. Christmas! 
My mom has only been in South Carolina for a month but she did an AMAZING job of making the house feel like Christmas! 
My brother made the "DUH" but extremely true comment 
" it looks like our old house just in a new house" 
Thanks mama for making us feel at home 6 states from home! 

1. South Carolina 
Although I love Texas and will always be a Texas girl at heart I could get used to the amazing sunshine, the spanish moss draped oak tress and the AHHH-mazing beaches. 

Happy Friday! 

1 comment:

Jess said...

First of all, I LOVE that belt. So cute!
And second of all, I can totally relate to looking like a munchkin.
Actually, my brother sings the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka when he sees me :)
We can totally skip down that yellow brick road together, holding lollypops that are bigger than our heads :) haha

Have a good weekend, girl!

xo, Jessica