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For my second installment of INSTALIFE features some Holiday fun (a little late ooopps)  I am linking up with 


I spent Thanksgiving in Shreveport with Reese's family. We spent the day cooking, watching the parade and just being thankful. Just the way Thanksgiving should be. 

 I got the make Reese's grandmothers dressing. Despite how much I cook I had never made dressing before. I was a little nervous, I mean it's one thing to make dressing and then it is another thing to make a family favorite...

 Luckily it turned out beautiful and tasted even better! 

Thankfully I didn't have to worry about roasting a turkey because this boy went all cajun on me and decided to fry it … not gonna lie it was DELISH. 

Saturday was my 23rd birthday.. yep 2-3. I woke up to the perfect little birthday party with this ahhh-mazing Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake! 

Reese and I at my birthday dinner! So stinkin blessed to celebrate with this boy~ 

So this is slightly out of order BUT I needed a moment to brag about the fact that with the help of Kate from The Small Things Blog I rocked this hairstyle at school the other day… I got so many compliments! 

Ok. This picture is just funny/random. 
Resse gave me an old fleece of his to keep in my classroom because more often than night it feels like I teach in an igloo. 
When I felt something in the pocket I pulled out these treasures …
beer tabs (coors light I am told)
20 Eros (the last time he went to Europe was 2006)
well hi, how random and at the same time extremely fitting. 

taking my new birthday present for a spin ( clearly its the knife) 

A few weeks ago I ordered some monogram decals from 2 Preppy Girls off of a Today Show Steals and Deals segment. I got 6 decals. I chose to frame my first. I am rather obsessed with it. 

Here is one of 2 Christmas decorations I have put up. Im all for a SPARKLY holiday this year.

Last weekend I spent a good majority of Saturday in Canton, Texas at First Monday. 
I got so much inspiration is an understatement.

Exhibit A

 Exhibit B. 

This week I added a bit of holiday cheer to my classroom. Really who doesn't love christmas lights! 

Until next week… Ill just be here me and my iphone just takin life in one picture at a time. 


Jodi@ said...


I love mason jars, especially those w/ glass tops and wire.

LOVE your Christmas decorations.

have a great weekend!

Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

hi there! popping in from instafriday. we're blog twins! :) so of course i like your style and love all your pics! happy holidays!
kimberly @

Design Eat Repeat said...

Okay, that hairstyle is amazing. I need to replicate that ASAP! Haha