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Outfit of The Day: You Look Like A...

It's really easy to throw on just any old thing in my closet when you live alone. spend all day with fashionistas that think Justice and Hollister are Haute Catoure, and know very few souls in your population 1000 on a good day town.

I am a 23 year old teacher-- no need to break out the themed sweaters and jean jumpers JUST YET.

Today (despite waking up late) I decided to pump it up a bit today.

My students, well they had a few choice words about my outfit.

Today's conversations went a little something like this:
(keep in mid this is NOT all in one class period)
(Commentary in bold)

"Miss Scholz you look like a lawyer" -- Reese Witherspoon-esque? I sure hope!
"Miss Scholz you look like a flight attendant" -- Pan Am? I'll take that as a compliment, why thanks!
"Miss Scholz you look like a horse trainer"-- Umm?
"Miss Scholz you look like one of those french girls" -- So who are theses "french girls" you speak of?
"Miss Scholz you look like a college professor"-- Totally channeling my inner Sassy and Smart with Sprinkles.  (ps. shes having a giveaway today you should probally go check it out)
"Miss Scholz you look like a old-timey pilot"-- Old Timey? I'm pretty sure this is an English class lets try "vintage"

I'm seriously not kidding it became such a hot topic in the 6th grade today that they even started a list ...

Honestly I loved my outfit today.
But I'll let you be the judge.


blazer: j. crew
skinnies: LOFT
cream under shirt: I've had it for so long the tag has worn off. probably old navy
Scarf: San Antonio Boutique (thanks mama)
Boots: Steve Madden
Unorganized cart and desk area: guilty.

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