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Thank You Aggieland.

Lately I have been missing college.
Not the I-have-a-test-in-the-morning-and-haven't-cracked-a-book-part
but the 
whooping-in-kyle-field-all-my-besties-in-walking-distance-only-go-to-class-for-three-hours-a-day part

 That is why when I saw Jerrod Johnson's music video for his song
 "Thank You Aggieland" I cried. CRIED like a baby. 

(ps. at the 1:53 mark are two of my baby fishes [shout out Prina and Lauren] your not babies anymore but that can't stop me from a.calling you that and b. being really proud of the aggies you have become)

I immediately texted two of my friends who I had recently had the 
i-wish-we-could-go-back-to-college conversation with… one of their responses:

"They should warn whomever watches the video: Your Aggie post grad wounds will be reopened AND you will develop a crush on Jerrod."
(as if we didn't already have a crush on him)

Welp I dont think I could have said it any better myself. 

With all the conference realignment nonsense and the "A&M doesn't fit.. blah blah blah" I sometimes forget what made my time at A&M so special …

Lyrics from Jerrod Johnson's 
"Thank You Aggieland"

"Thanks for the times friends and fun
Aggie women and the brazos sun"

MSC Fish 07: T^2
Four of the best Aggie Woman … if I do say so myself
some more of the best Aggie Women in that Brazos Sun!

 "Thanks for the pride for which we stand

E-Walk 2011
Ring Dunk 2010: Dunko De Mayo
MSC FiSH: Best AD's in the History of AD's.
MSC FiSH: Leadership Committee 2009-2010.
Home of the 12th man.

"And livin life with no regrets"

The Aggie Woman who truly embodies this.

"And all of my old friends are leaving town
With gold rings shining on their hands
Waitin for the chance to return again"

Ring Day 2010.
One of the most important days of my life. 

"Thanks for the tap , chillifest and the gate
Aggie flags waivin on spring break"

Carving my name at the Chicken!!
When he says "The Tap" he really mean Dukes… right girls!?

Our version of Aggie Flags flying… Destin, FL 2011

"And last but not least my home kyle field"

Kyle Field 2008

The Nationally Famous Fightin' Texas Aggie Band

"So the sun has set on my 4 years
As ill drive away with joyful tears
My kids will know the bond of 12
First sight of horns they'll give em hell
And one day they'll say…."


"Wrecking Crew…Wrecking Crew"

" I had no clue my new found land would take my heart into its hands"

Thanks for student gov and the core of cadets"

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Design Eat Repeat said...

The "not the I-have-a-test-in-the-morning-and-haven't-cracked-a-book-part" statement makes me feel a bit more normal at the moment...It's almost 1am and I have yet to start on hmwk. Woops. This is definitely one part of college I will not miss! Haha. If only reading blogs was part of schoolwork, I would master that in a heartbeat. :)