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Happy February, Share the Love!


I will confess… I used to HATE valentines day.
Yep, I was that girl who hated valentines day pre-bf. guilty. 

Now going on year two with a valentine I have caught the fever.
(cause really the only thing I am loving more than valentines day is GLITTERRRRR) 

I live by myself in a tiny town soooo I decorating my house for a holiday is not on the top of priorities list… EXCEPT I really love to do it so I gave myself a budget of $10 to decorate. 

Thanks to the lovely and slightly addictive sales at Hobby Lobby 
this was totally do-able.

This banner makes me so happy. 
I love the pop of glitter against the vintage book pages!
I bradded the pages so that they can slide along the twine in case I needed to add another page for another holiday phrase. 
I  used Velcro to attach the glitter paper to the book pages so I can switch out the phrases for more holidays! 

This "print" was sorta an accident. 
I had an empty frame on my wall while I was waiting for a new picture.
So I decided to mess around with the extra supplies I had left over. 
I turned the "I" and "U" to the opposite side in order for them to pop against the silver back ground an other silver chip board letters! 

I really enjoy simplicity.
I repurposed this wreath from my Christmas wreath.
I detached the poinsettia and attached 
a simple glitter paper heart and chip board "XO". 
Simple and sparkly… my kinda wreath. 

Reese and I don't really do "gifts" for valentines. 
(don't worry reese doesnt read the blog :) )
So I decided that a date jar would be a great compromise.  
I filled this jar with lots of fun date ideas. 
Because we are in a long distance relationship (boo)
I added things we can do in all 3 cities we frequent! 
My favorites include: Fort Night, Chopped Cooking Night and a Wine tasting! 

I figured that 10 dates would last longer than chocolate… especially around me. 

The actual jar on the other hand is totally just for me though. 
All I did was dip the rim in glue and then roll it around in glitter. obsessed. 
I set the glitter with a generous spray of hairspray! 

I am linking up with :


Go check out there blogs to see their wonderful valentines creations! 

I'ma Get Real.

There are just a few things I REALLY want in life…

a manicure to stay for more than 2 days
true friendships
to figure out why the Real Housewives are always yelling 
everything I pin on pintrest to magically appear in my house 
to be purposeful in all I do
to find a pair of "comfortable" yet fierce heels
and to be HONEST, real and genuine. 

So i'ma get real. 
This summer was a season of learning MAJOR learning. 
I learned more than I even expected and now, 8 months later, I have finally come to grips with what the Lord taught me though that CRAZY season of my life.
 I have decided to share.
Our stories are meant to be shared, learned from and documented in the history of our lives.
Yes, this blog is about teaching, food, crafts and fun but ultimately it is about my life documenting my life ups, downs, twists, turns, my history.

I am starting a Blog Series called
Lose Control

(So funny story this is actually my dinosaur computer at school. 
One day in a moment of stress and ridiculousness I accidentally dropped my key board and the control button popped off. Cool God, cool. 
I literally can not find the control button any where. I took it as a sign. )

Be looking for Part 1 of "Lose Control" coming soon!!

Happy Tuesday!



Constants & Smell the Roses LInk Up

We all have those friends that you can go days, months, years with out talking to them  and then when you see them again it is like you never skipped a beat.

You can just fall back into life with them.
It is a beautiful gift. 
A gift that one must treasure because it does not come often. 

This weekend I got to do just that, fall back into life with friends. 
We have all changed so dramatically in the past 2 years but with all that change somethings have remained constant. It has been that constant that has linked us thorough graduations, marriages, babies, moves and new careers. 

Constants though ever changing life are beautiful things. 

This is Amy's precious son Tred. 

Stephy and I lovin on Tredders!!! 
He is really the happiest most precious baby ever! 

Man I love these ladies! 
We have two other partners in crime that unfortunately couldn't make it but only 1 more month until we are all reunited!!! 
We had a wonderful dinner laughing and talking and catching back up.
I am just sooooo blessed to have friends like these ladies. 


I am linking up with Jessica for "Smell the Roses" although the task was to CALL someone you haven't talked to in a while … I am kinda fudging the line this week. I didnt call I did ya one better Jess I actually MET up with them! 

Lovely Little Things


Sponsor Swap!

I started this blog in 2009(ish) but wasn't very diligent with it. 
I didn't have a clear direction… food? crafts? photography? I was very confused.
Then all of a sudden (3 ish years later) it clicked it all came together and so
 Sweetly Complicated was reborn. It couldn't have been revived with out the help of some AMAZING ladies. I want to introduce you to two of them…

OMGeeee I LOVE this girl
 Is it strange that we live half way across the country and I feel like we have known each other forever? Oh well, don't care. 
I mean come on HOW PRECIOUS is she!
Hey guys :) My name is Jessica and I blog over at Lovely Little Things! I’m a 20-something just living and learning as I go, and loving [almost] every minute of it. I'm all about picnics, laughing til it hurts, good book, coffee dates, & bike rides. I have a passion for life, and I'm always up for an adventure! There is no limit to what you'll find on my blog. I like to share recipes that I try, product reviews, [wannabe] fashion tips, organization ideas, good books I read or music I listen to, my triumphs and failures, fun pictures from my everyday life - anything and everything. I hope that by continuing with Lovely Little Things that I will discover lots of fun new things about myself (and the not so fun things, too) so that I can grow as a person, and maybe even inspire one or two people along the way! Come visit and let’s do life together!


Look at the cute mama to be!!

Hi, I'm Heather. Just Heather... I'm married to an amazing husband that finds the humor in all my antics and I will soon be a mom. That's right, as in parent to a child. Not a furry, four-legged child like I already am, but a human one this time. It has been a LONG 9 months with most of it spent on bedrest growing this baby. I'm anxious to get back to life and ME. I love crafting, some of which does not turn out so crafty. Decorating my house or your's if you ask... Reading, I was a reading/writing teacher for 7 years. This comes natural to me and I read everything! Magazines are my guilty pleasure. Cooking, it is good to burn something occasionally to keep those of us considered Top-Notch Chefs humble. I love going to flea markets and finding trash to turn to treasures. I haven't been in quite some time due to the pregnancy, but plan to get back into treasure hunting. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE all things beauty and product related. I'm a junkie. I can't help it.

 I strive each day to make it better than the one before. Grab a cup of coffee or wine and stop by and visit!

Well there you have it my two lovely sponsors for this week! If you are interested in sponsor swapping then please email me I would LOVE to feature you/ be featured!!

Happy Saturday!



High Five Friday No. 8

So this week was the opposite of last week. 
Last week… too long
This week… already over?? 

time is weird. 

but none the less HAPPY FIRDAY!! 
To celebrate I am linking up with the lovely lauren from my grey desk for another installment of High Five Friday! 

5. Hubble and Husdon!
So until I live in Houston Hubble and Hudson will ALWAY make the "high" list. 
This is by the the BEST grocery store in the entire world… and let me tell you I am somewhat of an expert. I literally could spend HOURS in this store exploring exotic flavors and dreaming of my pintrest worthy kitchen! 

4. Voice. 
I have been REALLY REALLY sick this past weekend/week. I have had absolutely 
NO VOICE ( please keep in mind I am a teacher). I never knew how valuable my voice was until it was magically gone! Thankfully I am finally feeling better and no one got hit with my flying expo markers when no one was listening to me! 

3. Kitchen Miracles. 
 I had absolutely NO motivation to trek the the grocery store. So just like the whole Fish and Loaves thing Jesus preformed a miracle in my kitchen and allowed 4 dinners and 4 lunches out of practically NOTHING. Hallelujah, amen, Praise the Lord. 

2. Neon Expo markers. 
My mom sent me a care package in the mail that included 2 packages of neon expo markers. They are truly the coolest things in my classroom. I SWEAR the kids actually read what is on the bored because it is in neon! Thanks mom YOU ROCK!! 

1. Brownies. 
I pride myself on being pretty even tempered in the classroom. 
Confession: I LOST it on tuesday. L-O-S-T it. One class period imparticular was just HORRIBLE. 
The next day I was fully prepared to apologize and speak calmly about their behavior BUT when I got to school 3 of the girls in that class were waiting outside my classroom with a pan of brownies and an apology for their behavior. 
I will never forget that moment.  

Thanks again Lauren!! 
I hope you have a wonderful Friday! 



A Few of My favorite Things: Mascara

I waged my first battle with mascara in the 6th grade when I "secretly" wore it to wednesday night church. My mother proceeded to find out and I got grounded from make up for a week. Such a rebel, I know. 
( But really I though she wouldn't notice the LARGE black streaks under my eyes…?)

Since then, well a week after then, I have been fighting the runny, cakey, flaky, "waterproof" battle. Thankfully I am here to say that the battle has been WON. 

Enter my battle weapon. 

(slightly inappropriate name AMAZING results) 

This mascara does not flake, cake or run not one tinsy-tiny bit. 

This wonderful product was recommended to me by my personal hair and make up artist… aka my best friend Katie Beth. She is the make-up whisper.  She swears b its powers and its price tag. 

In the world of mascara its a bit pricey BUT some simple math can take care of that…

$21/3 Months (how long mascara should last)

3 months= 90 days 
$21/90 days= $.23 

Thats less than a quarter a day!
ahhh make-up math
NOW that's math I can do! 
( and from what I hear it actually lasts longer than three months)

Happy Thursday!! 



Oh! How Pintresting!

another week, another wednesday, another post about how much i love pintrest! 

Except I do laugh at my own jokes … and my kiddos sate at me awkwardly then they laugh… symbiotic relationships at their finest 

 can it be spring yetttttt??? I really want the leopard ones rullllll bad! 

confession: I really like corny valentines day cards A LOT!


I'm just really loving braids right now. Easiest hair style evaaahhh 

i really think someone should be sweet an make me this.

forget lamps. i love door. 

Thanks to Michelle for the wonderful link up!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! 



Poached Salmon With Pesto and Feta

Today I'm making this! 

Poached Salmon with Pesto and Feta 

Poached is a scary word. It seems all Top Chef-y or that I need to say it in some crazy french accent!

Through this recipe I learned that poaching is actually very easy and leaves the fish all tender and flaky 
(ive heard you can acheive the same effect though cooking it in the dishwasher?? I'll stick with the one that makes me sound all fancy!)

When I saw this recipe on pintrest I initially pinned it in the "all totally never make this" category… I mean it sounded so FANCY… 

Then I tried it… OMGeee 
a.I feel in love with its basil-y, greek-y, salmon-y goodness. 
b. I fell in love with how stinking easy it is! 

( I here by apologize for using so many "-y" words, but really i'm sorry i'm not sorry) 

1/2c Dry White Wine 
1/2c chicken stock
1/2 a lemon 
1/4 tsp minced garlic
1-4 pieces of salmon ( I cook for 1 so really 1 per person, the poaching liquid doesn't change)
Feta Cheese

1. In a small sauce pan bring white wine, chicken stock and lemon up to a slow boil.
2. While the liquid is coming to a boil top fish with 1/4 tsp of garlic per piece 
3. Place fish and  in simmering liquid and cover with a tight fitting lid for 9 minutes or until fork tender. 
4. Remove garlic and top with desired amount of pesto and feta. 
5. enjoy! ( I always like adding that as a step, it seems that we forget this one a lot even though it is the most important)

Wha-La you're all fancy now too! 

 Look at all that pesto-y feta-y goodness just calling your name!

Try it! Your stomach will be a happy camper! 



New Look & OOTD

Happy Monday! 
I dont know if it is just me or did this weekend just feel too short! 

HEY notice anything different around here?
Ya know possibly that SC had a little facelift and now IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!

I may have mentioned it once or twice… or possibly thirty times that I won a blog redesign from Melissa @ 20 going on 80. To say I was excited was an understatement. She did an AMAZING job right!??

I gave her a color palette and a few directions like that I wanted SC to have a  vintage touch but still feel clean. She worked her graphic design magic, and WAH-LA here you have it a BEAUTIFUL new blog! 

I can't thank her enough. 
If you like it then go and check out her blog and leave her some love! 

Outfit of the Day

Now in other news I got all adventurous and tried the color blocking trend! 
This weekend the LOFT was having a sale for their facebook friends so I decided to treat myself to a brand new outfit!
I feel in LOVE with these green corduroys they are super comfy, bright, springy and different from anything else I own. 
This top is just to DIE for. 
First off, stripes I LOVE stripes. The loose fit and the cute little tie on the back made this a MUST HAVE! 
I threw it together with my friends chunky red/coral seed beads and had myself a go at the color blocking trend! 


Modern Straight Legged Corduroy 

Tie Back Stripe Swing Top

Squared Away 
This isnt the necklace I wore BUT it is totally along the same lines! 



High Five Friday No. 7

Week of the crazy kids.

It's Friday which means its time to look back and see what the high points of this week were. I really started thinking about high 5 friday. At first, ill be honest, it was totally about the link up the exposure. Now, its now MUCH more about looking back at these weeks that are going by so FAST and remembering
 the little things,
 the things that are fleeting,
the small things.

Soo… linking up with lauren @ from my grey desk

5. Middle School Boys.
Really. They CRACK ME UP.
I walked in my classroom after lunch to have a pink "sweet thing" sugar packet thrown at me and a group of boys telling me that they found my name tag.
I promptly told them to sit down and start their warm up… while I stepped out side and DIED laughing.

I really hope they step up their game before high school.

4. Sleepy Time Tea.
Seriously LOVE this stuff. This week I felt a little "something something" coming on and after downing a handful of vitamin C, 80 Advil, and a cup of this miracle I slept for 10 hours and woke up practically cured… except for my man voice!

3. Benchmark Testing.
This is the TX version of pre-state testing… as a first year teacher this is SUPERRRR nerve racking. It's a high point because it is a HUGE marker in time it means that I am really almost done with my first group of kiddos. kinda sad.
(PS PLEASE PRAY FOR MY KIDS, they are taking their writing test next week and I really like my job…)

2. Mascara.
I found the best mascara in the world.
YES, this is definitely a high point.
come on you know I am right.

1. pick me ups.
One of my sweet sweet girls slipped this into my hand on monday morning.

just when I felt like I couldn't do it any more.
Just as I wanted to hang some 12 year old up by their toe nails.
I got a pick me up.

I hope you remember your little things!