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High Five Friday No. 6

I seriously felt like it was 1000 years long. 
Honestly I am just glad I survived relatively unscathed. 

I am linking up with the WONDERFUL Lauren of {from my grey desk} for another installment of my 5 highs from this  LONG (have I emphasized LONG enough?) Week! 

I have "blogged" for roughly 2 years started off with a photoblog and somehow morphed into sweetly complicated. I don't know why I am just getting really into this world NOW but I am LOVINGGGGG it. 

Shout out Megan and Jessica! #bloglove 

Hearts PreparedLovely Little Things

4. Finding the top of my desk! 
I totally knew it was there! Totally, ya know underneath all the papers pens and other crap my kiddos feel like belongs on my desk. 
I have NO idea why I have 3 staplers. Im convinced they are like rabbits in my classroom. 

3. Spelling Bee. 
I survived the middle school spelling be. This event is getting its own post on Mondayl. Once you read that post you will totally get why this is a high!
 (hint lets just say spell check is my best friend!)

2. Small Town Basketball
I LOVE watching my kiddos play sports! It is amazing to see how different kids shine out side of the classroom. Plus you really cant beat a $2 hotdog at a sporting event!
i have a weird love for this picture. instagram love. 
I won my first blog giveaway. I could NOT be any more excited Melissa from 20-going on-80 was giving away a blog redesign… yep A BLOG REDESIGN. HI AWESOME. This was definitely a SUPER BIG HIGH for my week! 

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! 


Jess said...

:) :) :)!
Blog Friends for Life ;)

and btw - when you posted that desk picture on Instagram the other day, I was wondering if those were 3 staplers...nice! lol.

And obviously - OMG YAY for the new blog design. I think I'm just as excited as you!


Megan said...

LOVE!!! My heart smiled when I saw this post!
ok A. we 3 can be BFFL(like J friends for life)..haha
B. I love the never have too many staplers! C.I am super excited for you and your new blog design!! Yippy!! Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Kodi ODay said...

Hey there!
I just found your blog through #FF and I love it!
I definitely can't wait to read more about you:)

I'd love if you could check out my blog over at

Have a great weekend!

aubrey kinch said...

You are stunning. What a passion for teaching and it's contagious. So happy I found your blog; HAPPY FRIDAY!


jessica dukes said...

hi, i just found your blog through hollie's and i am so glad i did! hello longest week ever...I KNOW!!! i was just telling my bff last night that its been a fine week, nothing bad but freaking forever! i can't beliee it is just friday!!! but thank god it is!!!

yay for new blog friends!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Amen to the long week being OVER! Have a great weekend.

Stopping by via Hollie's link up :)

Anonymous said...

So fun that you won a blog makeover! Yay!!