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High Five Friday No. 8

So this week was the opposite of last week. 
Last week… too long
This week… already over?? 

time is weird. 

but none the less HAPPY FIRDAY!! 
To celebrate I am linking up with the lovely lauren from my grey desk for another installment of High Five Friday! 

5. Hubble and Husdon!
So until I live in Houston Hubble and Hudson will ALWAY make the "high" list. 
This is by the the BEST grocery store in the entire world… and let me tell you I am somewhat of an expert. I literally could spend HOURS in this store exploring exotic flavors and dreaming of my pintrest worthy kitchen! 

4. Voice. 
I have been REALLY REALLY sick this past weekend/week. I have had absolutely 
NO VOICE ( please keep in mind I am a teacher). I never knew how valuable my voice was until it was magically gone! Thankfully I am finally feeling better and no one got hit with my flying expo markers when no one was listening to me! 

3. Kitchen Miracles. 
 I had absolutely NO motivation to trek the the grocery store. So just like the whole Fish and Loaves thing Jesus preformed a miracle in my kitchen and allowed 4 dinners and 4 lunches out of practically NOTHING. Hallelujah, amen, Praise the Lord. 

2. Neon Expo markers. 
My mom sent me a care package in the mail that included 2 packages of neon expo markers. They are truly the coolest things in my classroom. I SWEAR the kids actually read what is on the bored because it is in neon! Thanks mom YOU ROCK!! 

1. Brownies. 
I pride myself on being pretty even tempered in the classroom. 
Confession: I LOST it on tuesday. L-O-S-T it. One class period imparticular was just HORRIBLE. 
The next day I was fully prepared to apologize and speak calmly about their behavior BUT when I got to school 3 of the girls in that class were waiting outside my classroom with a pan of brownies and an apology for their behavior. 
I will never forget that moment.  

Thanks again Lauren!! 
I hope you have a wonderful Friday! 



Laura said...

It's moments like the girls outside of your classroom that remind you why you do what you do! I loved those moments as a teacher.

Mrs. Darcy said...

Awwww. Don't worry-we all have those moments! So sweet that they baked you browniers:)

Jess said...

Hahaha #3 is killing meee!
And brownies - SO precious. :)


Katie said...

found your blog from high five friday. That is awesome that your students brought you brownies! It is so hard to be patient all the time - sometimes I think they need to know that you can't always be patient! I want my students to bring me some sweets. : )

Brittany said...

I definitely need to try these expo markers bc I am a teacher too! What grade do you teach? Anything to get them to pay attention right? haha.

I am so glad I found your blog today, it is too cute! I would love for you to come check out mine and follow back! :)

Liz said...

I love #5! Truly reminds you why you wake up everyday and go to your job! And it says a lot about you that those girls apologized! Yay you!

Earl-Leigh said...

I'm cracking up over #3! :)

Unknown said...

k those markers look awesome - and i understand this obsession with a grocery store- but until you've been to wegmens or stew leonards,you have not been to the worlds best grocer :)

just found your blog from hollies link up and its adorable :) i'm your newest follower and i'd love for you to follow me back!

Unknown said...

Glad you've joined the party!
I have actually been to both of those! My extrended family lives where they have those! You are correct they are pretty awesome!!


Unknown said...

I teach 6th grade! They looooovvvveee them! Yeah you be ANYTHING for them to pay attention :)
What grade do you teach?

Thanks for joining the party!!


Unknown said...

I was laughing at my self too... lame i know haha
I KNOW it was so sweet... now just to make them act that sweet all the time :)

Happy Fridayyyy!!

aubrey kinch said...

1. Those Expo markers make me want to finish school NOW and start teaching!! LOVE THEM.
2. Kids drive us all crazy but those little moments make you so proud. Yay for those girls being sweets!
3. Happy Weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

aww love that they made your brownies :) and the neon markers!

Unknown said...

Love the neon expo markers! I'm going to have to get those myself! Your blog is super cute!
xo- kara

Laura Beth said...

Such a cute blog! I teach 7th and 8th graders, and I can totally identify with "losing it" occasionally. lol! Gonna have to try those neon markers!

-Laura Beth

Sarah said...

Those brownies look delicious!