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I'ma Get Real.

There are just a few things I REALLY want in life…

a manicure to stay for more than 2 days
true friendships
to figure out why the Real Housewives are always yelling 
everything I pin on pintrest to magically appear in my house 
to be purposeful in all I do
to find a pair of "comfortable" yet fierce heels
and to be HONEST, real and genuine. 

So i'ma get real. 
This summer was a season of learning MAJOR learning. 
I learned more than I even expected and now, 8 months later, I have finally come to grips with what the Lord taught me though that CRAZY season of my life.
 I have decided to share.
Our stories are meant to be shared, learned from and documented in the history of our lives.
Yes, this blog is about teaching, food, crafts and fun but ultimately it is about my life documenting my life ups, downs, twists, turns, my history.

I am starting a Blog Series called
Lose Control

(So funny story this is actually my dinosaur computer at school. 
One day in a moment of stress and ridiculousness I accidentally dropped my key board and the control button popped off. Cool God, cool. 
I literally can not find the control button any where. I took it as a sign. )

Be looking for Part 1 of "Lose Control" coming soon!!

Happy Tuesday!



Jess said...

ohhh I'm excited for this :)
Look at you getting all professional and starting a blog series!


Emma said...

I would've totally taken that as a sign! I'm glad you are starting this little 'series'. As you probably know, I get a little deep on my blog...but sometimes I think it's good to get it all out this is your space and you aren't going to lose any readers if you are being 'real' ;) Can't wait for it! :)

aubrey kinch said...

You are awesome.
I cannot wait for this!


Unknown said...

I too want to know why the real housewives are always yelling!

Seriously, I think it is great when bloggers are real. Life isn't all glitter and sunshine and we all need to get real some times.

Unknown said...

ha I try… ya know to be all "professional" and stuff… haha

Unknown said...

Thanks for the encouragement girl!
I can't wait to share with yall EXTREMELY lovely girls!

Unknown said...

You're pretty awesome yourself girl!!
Cant wait to share! Thanks for the encouragement!

Unknown said...

For real … ALWAYS Yelling. ALWAYS.

Thanks for allowing me to be real. Yes not always glitter and sunshine (although when it sure is nice!)

Thanks for the encouragement