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Oh How Pintresting!

Well just like the last few weeks my Oh! How Pintresting post this week is fun but a little crazy and random. 
I am linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple

YAY Pintrest! 

This quote just really speaks to me right now. 

How much do you love these colors!!! This is the color scheme that I gave Melissa for my new blog redesign …and they may be used for something in the future ;) 

Free printables are the two best words in the english language well besides free chocolate. 

 I just really enjoy unconventional wall storage. 

Currently I am having spice cubbard issues this might be the solution to said problem. 

Well hi this is creative and cute and wonderful and totally going to happen at some point in my life. 

My life. I'm sorry :) 

I hope your week has been as wonderfully crazy as mine
My kiddos are taking some BIG tests this week, so if you think about it send up a prayer for them! 


Unknown said...

Oh I just love all your pins! Those kitchen posters would be perfect for our new kitchen! Love 'em!

Your blog is super cute, you have a new follower :)

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!


Jess said...

#1: Love that quote. Too good!
#2: omogmogmgomg! I CAN'T WAIT :) seriously so excited for you!

& also praying for your kiddos!

Happy Wednesday :)


Leah said...

I love those colors! I like the kitchen posters too. That hunger quote is my fave.


Jamie said...

Grace..... Amen.

ashlyn | nicole said...

super cute blog lady!
& i am loving your pins! the spice drawer is such a good idea & i really like the kitchen posters!

happy wednesday
xoxo ashlyn

aubrey kinch said...

I am doing this spice drawer!
Mine is needing it SO bad!
Happy Wednesday!


henning love said...

hm.. that last pin something out of my mouth because i am hungry yup definitely been there. either i say something mean or i become really snippy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg - I just realised you are an Aggie from some of your other posts - whoop! I was at A&M for a year as an international student - Love it - will always be an Aggie!

Unknown said...

SHUT UP!!! Aggies for life!!! Some of my best friends have been international aggies! Ps your blog is absolutly fabulous !!!


Emma said...

Love love love that wall storage! Pinterest is so addicting! Love it though :)