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Oh! How Pintresting!

another week, another wednesday, another post about how much i love pintrest! 

Except I do laugh at my own jokes … and my kiddos sate at me awkwardly then they laugh… symbiotic relationships at their finest 

 can it be spring yetttttt??? I really want the leopard ones rullllll bad! 

confession: I really like corny valentines day cards A LOT!


I'm just really loving braids right now. Easiest hair style evaaahhh 

i really think someone should be sweet an make me this.

forget lamps. i love door. 

Thanks to Michelle for the wonderful link up!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! 



Unknown said...

Love all your pins, they are so cute and pretty :)

Loving your blog, you have a new follower :)

Hope you have a terrific Wednesday!


Frances said...

The wall of doors is so cool! And I love your caption hahaha

-Frances from GrownUpLand

ACW said...

Your blog is amazing! New follower! Also, I love the "something good in every day" pin!

Kimberly said...

I want those shoes too! Super cute! You have a new follower!

ashlyn | nicole said...

cute blog pretty girl.
love those flats & i pinned that popcorn valentine. i am so going to use it on my boyfriend! haha


Kathleen said...

Love the flats and I wish I wasn't totally awful at braiding hair cuz that braid is adorable! Great pins this week!

henning love said...

i love pinterest! you posted some great ones today! haha love your weatherman quote i love door too

Amanda said...

I love all the Pins from! I agree, someone definitely needs to make me that valentine lunch.

Laura said...

Love your pins!!!

Braids & Flats -- Love 'em! :)


Jess said...

hahaha cracking up at your caption for the door picture!

PS - I need to learn how to braid before my hair grows out! yikes!

Loving these pins :) Happy Wednesday, girl!


Mrs. Darcy said...

LOL! I totally get standing in the classroom laughing at yourself and I want those cute flats!

Great pins!