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Spelling B-E-E/ Link Up

For one reason or another I am a really bad speller. 
Yes, I teach English. Yes, spell check is my best friend. 

I was asked to help run our schools spelling bee, I mean I guess that makes sense I AM the english teacher. It was decided that I would be the pronouncer. 

I CAN NOT stress how ironic this situation was. 
In the 4th grade I was knocked out of the spelling bee on the word calendar (don't worry I'm not bitter or anything).

C-A-L-E-N-D-A-R. Ill never miss spell it again. NEVER, 

The whole fact that I was running a spelling bee is pretty comical BUT it is also a testament to the fact that despite challenges that really should stop you hard work, and a little help from technology in my case, can make things possible. 

The winning words was "stroganoff"... honestly I'm just glad all I have to do is eat stroganoff rather than spell it. 

ALSO It is monday so I am linking up with the WONDERFUL Jessica from Lovely Little Things for Smell the Roses, a weekly task that helps us enjoy the simple pleasures in life! 

Lovely Little Things

this weeks task was to hand write a letter.  This week is my boy friends birthday week due to the fact that we live in two different cities and his birthday is in the middle of the week I got to spoil him through the mail. I sat down and actually wrote him a letter vs. just a generic birthday card. It was lovely. 

THIS WEEK the task is to buy someone a cup of coffee with out them knowing it. This task is something I am going to have to get creative on considering there isn't a coffee shop with in thirty miles of my tiny town. Good thing I like to be creative! 

Have a WONDERFUL Monday lovelies! 


Kasey said...

I too, a not a good speller by any means but I always did so well in English and enjoyed writing, very ironic! lol

Mrs. Darcy said...

Lol! This made me laugh because I am a horrible speller. Just because we teach English, does not mean we are great spellers:)

Don't feel bad-I love out on Paprika.


Jess said...

Is it bad that I'm almost 22, and I still spell calendar wrong sometimes?
Ehhh...oops :)

SO HAPPY that you're linking up!
Makes me love you that much more!

Hope you had a happy Monday!