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Sponsor Swap!

I started this blog in 2009(ish) but wasn't very diligent with it. 
I didn't have a clear direction… food? crafts? photography? I was very confused.
Then all of a sudden (3 ish years later) it clicked it all came together and so
 Sweetly Complicated was reborn. It couldn't have been revived with out the help of some AMAZING ladies. I want to introduce you to two of them…

OMGeeee I LOVE this girl
 Is it strange that we live half way across the country and I feel like we have known each other forever? Oh well, don't care. 
I mean come on HOW PRECIOUS is she!
Hey guys :) My name is Jessica and I blog over at Lovely Little Things! I’m a 20-something just living and learning as I go, and loving [almost] every minute of it. I'm all about picnics, laughing til it hurts, good book, coffee dates, & bike rides. I have a passion for life, and I'm always up for an adventure! There is no limit to what you'll find on my blog. I like to share recipes that I try, product reviews, [wannabe] fashion tips, organization ideas, good books I read or music I listen to, my triumphs and failures, fun pictures from my everyday life - anything and everything. I hope that by continuing with Lovely Little Things that I will discover lots of fun new things about myself (and the not so fun things, too) so that I can grow as a person, and maybe even inspire one or two people along the way! Come visit and let’s do life together!


Look at the cute mama to be!!

Hi, I'm Heather. Just Heather... I'm married to an amazing husband that finds the humor in all my antics and I will soon be a mom. That's right, as in parent to a child. Not a furry, four-legged child like I already am, but a human one this time. It has been a LONG 9 months with most of it spent on bedrest growing this baby. I'm anxious to get back to life and ME. I love crafting, some of which does not turn out so crafty. Decorating my house or your's if you ask... Reading, I was a reading/writing teacher for 7 years. This comes natural to me and I read everything! Magazines are my guilty pleasure. Cooking, it is good to burn something occasionally to keep those of us considered Top-Notch Chefs humble. I love going to flea markets and finding trash to turn to treasures. I haven't been in quite some time due to the pregnancy, but plan to get back into treasure hunting. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE all things beauty and product related. I'm a junkie. I can't help it.

 I strive each day to make it better than the one before. Grab a cup of coffee or wine and stop by and visit!

Well there you have it my two lovely sponsors for this week! If you are interested in sponsor swapping then please email me I would LOVE to feature you/ be featured!!

Happy Saturday!



Jess said...

AHH! :) This made my Saturday!
And yes, it is strange that we're online bffs and we just met BUT I don't cuuuurrr!

I can't wait to do your sponsor post...yayyy!

PS - I changed my twitter name to lovelyjesscuh...that way bloggy people will have a better chance of knowing who I am...thoughts?!

xo! :)

Emma said...

Love love love Jessica!! She is one of my favs :) besides you of course ;) I love you sweet girlys!

Yvette | Classic Glam Blog said...

:)) Great blog, gal! It's so sweet that you take time to acknowledge your friends, it makes a difference!! :D

>I'm a newbie to the wonderful world of Blogs. Would you please visit my page sometime? Please, please follow if you like what you see!


Don't forget to follow me on twitter @ClassicGlamBlog

Ashlee said...

I would love doing a sponsor swap with you! I absolutely adore you blog. It's so cute. I'm emailing you right now :D


Holly said...

Thanks for these links, I'll go and have a look at them now! :)
Just dropping by from Hollie's linkup. :)