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Charlie Gore: Walking the Blue Line

In September my friend Charlie called me up and asked me to shoot the cover for his upcoming EP. I was stoked. I lived 4 years of my college life under the cloak of his music. It provided a sound track for road trips, late night study sessions and countless other college shenanigans. I was so excited to accept this challenge

This week his EP "Walking the Blue Line" was released this week!
I am so excited to introduce you blog friends to Charlie Gore (iTunes) and his soulful, wonderful, song writer ways!

Here are a few photos from our photoshoot…

and here is it my lovely blog friends your new music obsession Charlie Gore 

Will Tullos design,photos by Meg Cady Scholz Music Charlie Gore


BUY HIS NEW EP!!!! Follow/Tweet/Facebook/iTunes him and tell him you are one of my SC readers he will love you for ever…and I will love you more than I already do!!

I'll be jamming to him to day… JOIN CG PARTY!!



Diana Amy said...

YAY oh my gosh those photos are beautiful and the music is so nice and cheerful for my Saturday morning :)

I love finding new music and will for sure be grabbing a few of those tracks and wish him all the best luck!

Jess said...

This is incredible.
Buying the EP as soon as I'm done leaving this comment.
And then I'm going to tweet him.
And tell him AWESOME his album cover is.
And I'll tell him that the music doesn't suck either ;)

BUT seriously - love your pictures and his music.
:) Thanks for sharing, lovely!

Hope you're living up your weekend! xox

GingerPeachT said...

Wow girl!
You did an amazing job on his photos! :-)
He reminds me of Jimmy Needham and Jeremy Camp combined lol
Thanks for sharing his music

aubrey kinch said...

Ummm, I think I'm in love with a new man. He is incredible.
Thanks so much for this; bought all his songs already!
& congrats to you Lil Miss Photographer!


Unknown said...

you are so talented. thanks are great pictures~

Emma said...

Wow to his music and WOWZA to your photography!! You are so talented girl!! I didn't realize. I need a link to your pictures if you have one. Love!!! Come take pics for my wedding ;)

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures! You did an awesome job! He's got a great voice.

Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing and so is the music!! Thanks for sharing it all!! Glad to be your newest follower and I can't wait to keep reading!