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College Week: A Post Revisited!

It is college week at my school, in honor I am reposting this really fun post that i wrote before I really "got into" blogging. I thought this was fitting today because
1. I am wearing the same outfit today
2. It is just really funny and I didn't want you to miss this gem hidden in the archives of
"before I was a blogger"
3. All my girls will think its really cool i'm wearing a bow today… I know, I know; I'm the COOLEST TEACHER EVER :)

Happy Tuesday and GIG EM!!!!

Two years ago my grandma was at a craft show she insisted that she buy me a A&M hair bow, my mom tried to talk her out of it, I was 20 years old after all not 4! My grandmother insisted, and if you know what is good for you nod your head and agree.

I opened my birthday present ( which BTW was a family heirloom pin that she had restored and turned into a ring) at the bottom of the bag sat my A&M hair bow, I smiled, said thank you and continued to gush over my ring.

Fast forward 2 years and several fashion trends later (which include the reintroduction on hair-bows on college campuses), sitting at the tail gate Saturday I mad
e eye contact with a girl with a microphone and a guy with a camera (from FOX Sports BTW), she came over and asked me if she could interview me on tailgating fashion tips. I awkwardly agreed.

I was wearing...
1. Long sleeved A&M V neck
2. Black Skirt with Pockets
3. Sweater Knit Tights
4. Cowboy Boots
5. The hair bow my grandmother had given me.

I racked my brain for my "fashion tip" .... cowboy boots? Skirt with pockets? ...HAIR BOW, that was it my hair bow!

my quick thinking boyfriend pulled out his handy dandy iPhone and captured our version

Q: What makes you a tailgating expert?
A: What makes me a tailgating expert is good food, a good grill a
nd great friends to do it with!
Q: What is your best tailgating fashion tip?
A: My best fashion tail gating tip is to tap into your inner 4 year old and pull out the bow!



Elisha said...

Woaaahh that's so cool!!!

Anonymous said...

This made me giggle. I work with a girl who LOVES hairbows. It's awesome!

Keep Shining,

Emma said...

Hahaha you are the cutest thing! I love this part- "Two years ago my grandma was at a craft show she insisted that she buy me a A&M hair bow, my mom tried to talk her out of it, I was 20 years old after all not 4!" LOL crack me up!

Jess said...

Hahaha this is so dang cute!
So glad your bf recorded it so we could watch it, toooo ;)

Adam is always saying how weird things come back into fashion - I have these BIG flower headbands that I wear and not gonna lie I do feel about 4 when I wear them.
But hey, they work really well to disguise my greasy, next day hair!

So you have an awesome vintage-y grandma & I have an awesome modern-y grandma...I dig ;)

Happy Happy Tuesday lovely!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Meg, how are you so precious? Oh, geez!

Unknown said...

haha too cute! love the bow!

Liz said...

I love that you went to Texas A&M- I went to an Ag school in Canada and we are Aggies too!!

Rebecca said...

sooo cute!